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Make Mastuli Khalid Desa Raya 2019 Collection Your Baju Raya

Make Mastuli Khalid Desa Raya Collection Your Baju Raya

Credit // Mastuli Khalid

For all baju Raya 2019 hunters: Are you into bohemian fashion with vividly earthy floral motif? Drop everything but your cats because your baju raya is here!

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One Kg of Love

What is Love ?

Is it sex ? Is it an emotion ? A feeling ?

Or is there something more ?

My name is Eugene, I spent 14 years of my life in pursuit of this all important question in life

In this journey, I travelled from the East to West, even unto the depths of darkness

The price paid for every step was dear but in the last most unexpected moment, I found this only one True answer which satisfied my lifelong thirst for Love

It is through this answer, that the secrets of this reality itself lay revealed

And life becomes the abundance of romance and adventure that I have always craved, hoped and dreamt

It is this great discovery that I hope to share with you

As I lay my story before your feet

One Kg Of Love Mobile Friendly Google Docs Version One Kg of Love Epub Version

I remember the first time I fell in love

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4 Top Style Trends Predicted To Spice Up Men’s Fashion Scene in 2019

Credit // Samuel Oh

A look at FOUR major trends that men will fall in love with this year.

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Color Your Raya With Melinda Looi’s Warna Raya 2019 Collection

Color Your Raya With Warna 2019 Melinda Looi Collection

Credit // Melinda Looi

If you are already obsessed with stripes, then it’s time to take it up the psychedelic route with colorful mix of stripes this upcoming Eid.

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The Firewall Of Logic & Reason ( aka The Rational Lifeboat )

Dear friends

Ladies and gentleman

As the people of today lose their logic and reason, humanity now slips further and further away from actual reality

Because of the lack of logic and reason, superstition & mysticism have now found root in many aspects of life. Example, in areas such as money, sex, health, politics, education and many more.

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The Problem Of Health & The Key To Living

As i have gone through a journey of healing from sickness to health


& have also done case study and research in these illness of chronic origins


I embarked on my search for an answer for health since a year ago, I came across more and more cases of our youth of 20 -30 year old getting cancer and other chronic illnesses

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The Problem of Money & How To Become Rich

The problem of money is that people have forgotten what money really is


Trade began with the barter system where people exchange goods or services with each other, people helping each other out

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The Problem of Sex & How To Get Married

When I was growing up, I suffered a lot due to the grown ups around me

How dysfunctional my family was and how dysfunctional my parent’s family on both sides was, didn’t help either

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Etsy Gives Back To Mother Nature With Latest Carbon Initiative Approach

Etsy Gives Back To Mother Nature With Latest Carbon Initiative Approach

Love doing your part to support independent labels online that create with sustainability in mind? Great news! Etsy is going big this year with their latest green approach as it works in tandem with environmentally-conscious creators from across the globe.

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Neon Geometric Jewelry Inspiration ~ Pink Triangle Leopard Earrings

Neon Geometric Jewelry Inspiration ~ Pink Triangle Leopard Earrings

Credit | CassiaBeckCollage

For someone who is into perky pinks, angular triangles and wild leopard prints.

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Sturdy Minimalist Tote Bags With Abstract Faces

Sturdy Minimalist Tote Bags With Abstract Faces

Credit | PevImporte

Get eco-conscious while keeping it stylish with cotton totes that feature abstract faces!

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Printed Red Dresses For A Romantic Picnic Day Outing

Credit | Gabby Chia

Rest the plain red dress for V-day. Make something printed and in red your go-to!

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Striking Earrings To Try ~ Unique Statement Leather Swirl Earrings

Striking Earrings To Try ~ Unique Statement Leather Swirl Earrings

Credit | ShulliDesign

Leather earrings with a stunning twist.

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