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20.12.2015 How God Transformed My Business Into A Business Which Is Unlike Any Other Business Before It


We at FAME CHeRRy Believe In Making Opportunities Reachable to Creative Dreamers of All Demographics.

Together, Our Vision-Shared Reality Will Shape the Future of The World.


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This is the story of how God transformed my business into a business which is unlike any other business before it


Before my rebirth

While running my business selling photography and video equipment, i come to a realization

That out there, people without adequate education and adequate jobs can turn to photography and videography because for each photo and video job they can at least earn RM500

So lets say one month they get 4 jobs then they can earn at least RM 2000


Inspired by my dropship supplier, Kevin Yeoh from penang, who shown me kindness when I was in a desperate position of need

I thought to myself, this is good, let my business reach out to this group of people who are in need by selling my equipments as cheap as possible while getting a nice profit ( as these equipments that time were very expensive )

I consciously operated this way for one or two years i think, but as back then I have yet to have relationship with God, i wondered what i was doing is really making a difference or not


With alternating feelings of doubt and trust I spent all of my time working the business, while at the same time I worshipped money and was in bondage to lust

The business prospered in my hand, yet with all this money came no peace, there has been no progress in my social life, and in fact my various disabilities and afflictions worsened

The money in my hands brought me no good, yet I was addicted to it and cant let go and made sacrifices to it in many ways


With eyes of coldness i regarded the value of the people around me, in my heart i believed strongly that those who are without value to contribute to my goals should be killed so they can make space for those who are healthy, well and capable

I hated everyone around me, thinking only about what I want and getting what I want through the bending of every restraint

Only the law stopped me from manifesting the true hatred in my heart while my mind search actively all times in attempts to circumnavigate all laws


After my rebirth in Christ

Thank God I am saved, my stories of salvation and redemption can be found here

Through the Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God open my eyes to the whole truth of this world we live in and I have been set free from every filth and every bondage of the world

I began to want to start to give genuine offerings for God


Somehow the 10% rule for tithe in Church didn’t feel quite right with me, so I prayed to God to teach me how to tithe in faith

God told me, whichever amount of money and character of money which I hold precious in my heart, sacrifice this for Him

As that time I have a dear amount of savings, after a great struggle, I finally was able to dedicate this all to the Lord Jesus Christ


I told God that this belongs to Him now and they will not be touched unless He specifically ask me to draw from this for His purpose


Also as RM 100 ringgit notes are particularly valuable for me because of its practicality

I also decided that after that time, whenever I receive a RM 100 note from any customer, it will be sacrificed to God

Every Sunday, let God Himself guide me how much I should put into the offering bag in church

The rest let God guide me in how to utilize all these funds for the furtherance of His Kingdom


This I done for a few months …


Till one day, I thought about buying a car, the new Toyota Camry Hybrid caught my eye

And yet I wonder, even if I get this car, what benefit is it except to grow in pride ?

Should I labour and sacrifice everything for money again just so I can afford this car ?

As I nearly died worshipping money before this

So I prayed to God to guide me and He gave me peace in my heart

God said to me : All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial


So I began to think

If now I am not buying things for myself and only buying things which are beneficial, then what is the point for me to reserve any money for myself because the only true benefit everlasting in the world is the Love of God whom is the Lord Jesus Christ !!!

Since then all money I receive belongs to God, even all that I am and all that I have

Let the Lord Jesus Christ decide how I should spend all my money, even my life !


Because God is Love, only God is good and God is always Good !



In July 2015, while driving in prayer, God told me that if I am sincere about wanting to help the people around me then I should teach all customer who come to me about how to do business using

This sent me into a panic because how can this be ?

To give away business secrets would be like committing suicide for my business !

This makes absolutely no sense !


I started to protest to God in my heart but God told me that since I have already dedicated all my earnings to Him so technically my business is His business anyways

His hands are the best hands so just let Him take control, there is no need to fear about the necessities of life such as food because He will provide as He Loves me

So in obedience I wrote this

And shared this with most if not all people whom God sends me


Something amazing happens whenever I am obedient to God in this

The bonds between the people around me and I just gets strengthened as I share my business method and life testimonial with all whom come to me

And my sales which was really low in May and June, more than doubled in August (x2) and quadrupled in October (x4) as I share !

Frankly I am perplexed by this, God’s ways are indeed higher


Even so I no longer rejoice in the money because I now know true wealth is the people around us, my only wish is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ now

God’s way is amazing as people just keep on coming to me even after I stopped advertising since January 2015


To be honest, the reason why I stopped advertising in January 2015 is because I was greatly unhappy with my life and prepared to give up everything I had and move to Thailand seeking true meaning of life and happiness there

Then in March 2015, in the lowest point of my existence, the Lord Jesus Christ called me back to Him and saved my life, for the first time in the darkness of my life I have hope

Finally finding goodness in this world, I planned to just stop business already in May 2015 so I can fully pursue God


But God said to me : He who is unwilling to work, shall not eat


Reluctantly I obeyed and went back to work

And looks like I have to continue working now since God keeps on sending people my way


From this I noticed that since the bonds between me and the people around me grow stronger and stronger as I share my life testimonies with them, this feels like I am gathering people around me pointing to the Lord Jesus Christ


Does that meant that my business have now become a church ?

Even so, a church is actually a not the building made of bricks and mortar. Church is made up of people who Love each other with the Love of Christ, the Love of God

So now, all whom have not the chance to experience the Love of God, the Love of God has come to them and for them


Since then God inspired me to post my testimonials on my website

Even the whole and only truth on the top and centre of my business


Baptizing and equipping all who come to me with

Health –

Wealth –

Power –


I have been thinking that, for all who come, let me Love them and serve them faithfully as if I Love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ, not people

Because as I serve, I am in fact serving God for the furtherance of God’s Kingdom because my business belong’s to the Lord Jesus Christ now

Let this be a business which is unlike any other business before it !


Dear brothers and sisters, friends and family

With Love I have to inform you that war is coming soon

Soon Love and fear will become clear as the day and the night, and every man, woman and child would have to make a decision to choose the side of fear or Love

Before that happens, this is the time of preparation for us because war has not reached Malaysia yet

In this critical time, we need to ensure that the Love of God reaches our neighbors first before fear

Because a nation without Love is a nation without God and this is how a nation without God looks like in times of war


Deuteronomy 28 : 53 – 57

“The siege and terrible distress of the enemy’s attack will be so severe that you will eat the flesh of your own sons and daughters, whom the LORD your God has given you

The most tenderhearted man among you will have no compassion for his own brother, his beloved wife, and his surviving children

He will refuse to share with them the flesh he is devouring—the flesh of one of his own children—because he has nothing else to eat during the siege and terrible distress that your enemy will inflict on all your towns

The most tender and delicate woman among you—so delicate she would not so much as touch the ground with her foot—will be selfish toward the husband she loves and toward her own son or daughter

She will hide from them the afterbirth and the new baby she has borne, so that she herself can secretly eat them. She will have nothing else to eat during the siege and terrible distress that your enemy will inflict on all your towns


To be honest, if its possible, I would like to avoid having to eat my own children la

So all of above is why I am doing what I am doing

Not that because I Love God but because the Lord Jesus Christ first Love me


Out there are people who are willing and able to blow themselves up to kill people in the name of fear

So with equal or surpassing determination and diligence I must dedicate all and everything for the furtherance of the Kingdom of Love which is also the Kingdom of God

I need to reach as many people as possible with the Love of God, even if I have to go through all trials and all tribulations, even unto death


The kingdom of fear has already been manifest in the world, with seeds of fear diligently being sown into our every day lives

I wonder, what would the world be like if one day people surrender themselves to loving one another with the same self sacrificial Love as demonstrated to us by God ?

My heart trembles and my eyes long to see that day the Kingdom of Love manifests amongst us


Because darkness cannot win against darkness, darkness can only be won over by light

And the only Light source in the world is the Love of God

So the weapons of our warfare are not against the flesh of bodies but mighty in the destruction of fortresses

So let’s shine forth the Love of God into darkness around us and disperse it in the name of Jesus Christ, the name of true Love, we cast down darkness from high self exalting places



What then is Love ?

Love is patient and kind, Love is not envious or boastful or puffed up or rude
Love does not demand its own way, it is not irritable and keeps no record of being wronged

Love does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices in the truth

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance. Love never fails.

God’s Love is demonstrated to us by sending His only begotten son Jesus into the world that we might live through Him

In this is love, not that we loved God but that He loved us and sent His son to be the propitiation for our sins

Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him and he in God

As we have come to know and have believed the Love which God has for us

All knowledge of the world will pass away but Love will last forever !



For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through Him might be saved

Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is the Son of God, confess also that they known and believed the Love that God has for us

God is Love; and he that dwells in Love dwells in God, and God within him

This way is our Love is made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment : because then as the Lord Jesus Christ is, so are we in this world

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear : because fear has to do with punishment. He that fears is not made perfect in Love

We Love God, because God first loved us !

If a man say, I love God, and hates his brother, he is a liar : Because he that loves not his brother whom he can see, how can he love God whom he can’t see ?




Love the Lord God with all our heart, all our souls and all our mind

Love our neighbours as ourselves

These two commandments fulfil the entire law and all demands of the prophets




Malaysia is a blessed nation whom Love lives amongst us and within us, because God is in the centre of our lives and we are a nation who knows God

We will triumph against all odds and uphold high the fire of the Living God, with Love in our hearts and in our hands, we will shine light into the world glorifying God

We will be blessed with abundance of health, with treasures of true wealth indestructible and secure, we will be clothed in the power of the discerning wisdom of Love which is God


We will be a nation which disciples other nations, the lives we lead will be such shining examples that all who behold us will be in awe of God !


The Lord Jesus Christ have put a vision in me that some day I will serve in a hospital that is indistinguishable from a church and a church that is indistinguishable from a hospital

It be a place that we take in the sick children of Palestine, the unwanted, the forgotten, the persecuted, the bloodied, the unloved, the trodden down remnants of society’s boot

And restore them in the name of Jesus, just as my brokenness has been restored by God and then out of grace have I been adopted as His child !


So they may then live on to fulfil their true purpose that God made them for !

For this, let me sacrifice my life and all I have, to proclaim the only Truth in this world !

The Love of God, the Word of God, Lord Jesus Christ !


All this I seal in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ

Amen !


Hallelujah !