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What is Love ?

Is it sex ? Is it an emotion ? A feeling ?

Or is there something more ?


My name is Eugene, I spent 14 years of my life in pursuit of this all important question in life

In this journey, I travelled from the East to West, even unto the depths of darkness

The price paid for every step was dear but in the last most unexpected moment, I found this only one True answer which satisfied my lifelong thirst for Love

It is through this answer, that the secrets of this reality itself lay revealed

And life becomes the abundance of romance and adventure that I have always craved, hoped and dreamt


It is this great discovery that I hope to share with you

As I lay my story before your feet ~

I remember the first time I fell in love

2 comments to ONE KG OF LOVE

  • Esther Fong

    Good sharing your life and how you found the true meaning of life and love! Especially for people who are also looking for answers in their life like why I m Born into this wicked miserable unloving workd

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