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Lobster Slippers For A Quirky Kawaii Summer Sandal Game

Credit: YSLQ

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This affiliate post features a look into the novelty summer sandals to wear when it’s sunny that are guaranteed to keep your toes cool and nice. Keep the space bookmarked if you’re into keeping up with unusual summer sandals.

For the love of summer footwear style that’s super adorable and quirky

Novelty summer sandals are here. And they’re really cute!

Lobster-shaped footwear: Why didn’t I think of this until today. Spotted these kawaii slippers on a random whim on Etsy and realize that you novelty-loving fashion folks might just be into this cute slipper style.

Wear the lobster slippers/sliders to the beach or around your fave grocery store’ Let nobody stop you from embracing quirkiness in the form of your favorite seafood on your feet.

These lobster slippers are available for children to full grown adult foot sizes so everyone in the family can sport them together. In terms of colors, the slippers come in green, crimson, red and orange so you can choose your most favorite color. The lobster slippers are well suited for lovers of lobsters(of course) and those that go gaga over kawaii footwear for the summer.

Without further ado, here’s the cutest lobster sandal and oh yeah, they’re for everyone regardless of age and gender.


Summer sandals that are lobster-shaped...

lobster beach summer sandals // YSLQ
kawaii novelty lobster sandals
kawaii novelty lobster sandals // YSLQ
green lobster slippers
green lobster slippers // YSLQ
crimson lobster slippers // YSLQ
orange lobster slippers
orange lobster slippers // YSLQ
quirky kawaii lobster beach summer sandals
orange lobster slippers // YSLQ

So, what do you think of these lobster-shaped summer sandals?

What other tropical summer sandal style are you looking forward to slip your feet into this sunny season? Share with us!

We love fashion that trigger all kinds of good feelings.

Kindly email us if you would love to have your own unique fashion collection featured in this space. We’d love to hear from you!

Till the next one, keep healthy, move your body, nourish it well and make time for meditation!

Stay free.



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