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Fashionista NOW: The Ripped Jeans Fashion Come Back

Hyped as one of the hottest trends for spring/summer 2013, these ripped jeans have taken over wardrobes of the young and trendy.

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Fashionista NOW: Strawberry Prints In Fashion

Another fruit print that’s on trend this summer is the sweet strawberry print. If you love munching on them, why not wear them as prints too, right?

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Fashionista NOW: How To Turn An Old Skirt Into Palazzo Pants?

Do you have old maxi skirts lying around in your closet gathering dust? Are you tired of wearing leg-hugging trousers and denim pants and have transitioned into their more carefree baggy bohemian counterpart, the palazzo?

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Fashionista NOW: Harlequin Print Trend In Black & White

Harlequin print motif in black and white is classic and timeless. The repetitive diamond patterns in the conservative duotone are simply chic and wearable, suited for just about any season and occasion.

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Fashionista NOW: Summer High-Low Skirt Trend Inspiration

High-low skirts are great for summer styling. Their playful look along with a tad of tease and drama is just perfect for when the temperature spikes. Wanna know how to wear the asymmetrical skirt trend and look especially on trend under the sun?

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Fashionista NOW: The Bodycon Trend For Summer

Want to show off your feminine form through an on trend style? Then, you must go bodycon.

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Fashionista NOW: Banana Prints Fashion Inspiration

Going bananas from the summer’s heat and humidity? Reflect that spirit by wearing banana printed clothing!

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Fashionista NOW: Pineapple Prints Fashion Inspiration

Summer’s spirit is in the air and what a cool and quirky way to celebrate it in style with some refreshing pineapple prints! Move away yesterday’s animal and floral prints, tropical fruits are redefining this season’s hottest trend.

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Fashionista NOW: Houndstooth Print Fashion Trend

Houndstooth prints aren’t a new thing in fashion. In fact, the trend made an early comeback in 2009 but its ancient history reaches far back into the 1800s in Scotland.

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Fashionista NOW: Hot Pink Summer Fashion Ideas

Pink, it’s the color of passion, sings Aerosmith. Summer fashion shares similar passion as hot pink becomes the go-to color. It’s a fancy spruce-y hue, no doubt and it’s one that can enliven just about any neutral outfit.

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Fashionista NOW: The Transparent/See Through Accessories Trend

Clear bags, purses and clutches are making a chic comeback, with transparent shoes tagging along behind. What’s appealing about transparent plastics, you wonder. Why are see-through accessories the next coveted trend?

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Fashionista NOW: Summer Knits ~ The Knit Top Trend

Knit pieces aren’t often considered summer-friendly but we’re about to break that narrow perception. There’s that appeal of bringing the unexpected into the sunnier part of the month.

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