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Fashionista NOW: These Joggers Are Made For Your Athleisure Chic Look

These Joggers Are Made For Your Athleisure Chic Look

Joggers are awesome and these comfy sweatpants are welcome in my closet any time. You know why? It’s because they can be dressed up or down like any other pair of pants, especially when they now come a tad more tailored to go with a casual chic type of outfit. I so say YES to the cozy vibe because there are days when fussing over with zippers and belts are just NOT HAPPENING.

And just because they are kind of slouchy and drapey and the fact that loads of people wear their centuries-old sweatpants while mucking about the house, it doesn’t mean that joggers are forever constrained to the homely loungewear and it is not alright to sarcastically refer to them as pants for slobs and unfit people.

Have you seen the latest jogging or track bottoms? They are too good to be worn only for exercise, dude! They’re awesome and I so love them next to harem pants (with normal crotch please, thanks).

So, the next time you feel like joggers are so inappropriate for the outside world, you might want to leave the dark cave behind you and take a breath of fresh air because surely we could all dress up a pair of joggers for an off-duty chic or casual-dressy type of look without getting all high-and-mighty about them, right?

What is amazing about fashion these days lies in the fact that we are so much more open to appreciating relaxed silhouettes and shapes and that anything too tailored or structured can be a bit stifling and old-school but even this isn’t all discarded away as the current fashion set’s boundary is porous to all sorts of antagonizing elements now more than ever.

Why can’t comfort be key in the way we choose to dress our bodies even as we step out of the house? I’ve read so many mixed commentaries written about joggers, dismissing them for how homely they look that the wearer must obviously have given up on his or her own life. That is a narrow and judgmental view to adopt because there are tons of outfit iterations to be made out of a pair of joggers; from the dressiest to the sloppiest to suit the mood and location.

My passion for the more relaxed type of pants is very real these days and for those who are with me on this view, I’m pretty sure the versatile list below will have your hunger for joggers appeased:


Fun fact about me: I am so obsessed with Taylor Swifts’ song Wildest Dreams, I’ve listened to covers upon covers on it on YouTube and has recently sent a request for Chester See to do one because I know he would do a good rendition of the song.

Do you wear joggers? How do you usually style them? Share below – I love reading and snooping on other people’s style and things!

“When you are completely absorbed or caught up in something, you become oblivious to things around you, or to the passage of time. It is this absorption in what you are doing that frees your unconscious and releases your creative imagination.”Rollo May

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