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Fashionista NOW: Brilliant Ways To Wear Your Hair Short In A PIXIE Cut

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Should you or should you not get the pixie hair cut? Let us nudge you to take the plunge and go for it with the help of these short-haired style bloggers!

I’ve been meaning to write about the pixie hair trend for a long while now, so here it goes! If you ladies are wondering whether a short hair would give you the much needed break from the long and heavy mane just for the heck of it or to welcome a new version of yourself after you bid adieu to an old chapter of your book of life, then here is a post to get you all prepped up for embracing the pixie cut.

Before we go straight into the various pixie crops you can opt for, let me give you an update about my own hair profile. I currently wear a shoulder-length layered bob hairstyle and it’s in a light brown color, a result of Revlon do-it-yourself hair dye formula (which I’m not liking at all as it’s made my hair all brittle and crap).

My original hair color is truly of the blackest black but I’ve constantly colored it a shade of brown for many years now. So, have I had a pixie hairdo before? Yes, I did and it wasn’t my choice at all. For the majority part of the primary to secondary school years, I had a short bob going on, one I detested but couldn’t be bothered to make a big deal off because apparently back in the day, my hairstyle wasn’t up to me to decide. I only sported a long permanently-straightened hair in college as I predictably rebelled against my original wavy curls. These days, the shoulder-length hair is all I can take. And even then, I have the tendency to pile my hair up in a bun because I need my neck to be free so I can think.

Blame it on the aging process but I feel that the shoulder-length cut and layers liberate me from the constant battle of washing and grooming the rebellious mane. When I was growing up in the period where the short bob was obligatory (according to the parents), I saw nothing cool about the particular hair style and years passed until I saw a movie about this pretty little lady who got lost in some kind of a delirious spiritual breakdown in a series of creepy underground tunnels/caves, called the Catacombs. The actress go by the name, Shannyn Sossamon and on her pretty self, the short pixie just came alive.

If you don’t know what in the world I’m talking about – check out these picture of her with the crop. I don’t know if it’s just me but Shannyn Sossamon changed the way I viewed short hair in general. My mom wore her own hair short the kind that Lady Di used to sport and it took me ages to finally appreciate how beautiful a short hairdo can be.

Obviously, there will be that awkward phase when your hair is about to grow out as attested by the funniest style blogger ever, Keit, who has me glued to her blog laughing hysterically with an imaginary popcorn in my hand. Nevertheless, even long hair has dumb awkward hair days too and my own newly-layered hair can be supremely uncooperative; every time I have it washed anew typically on the second day of not washing it, it does this weird thing where the bangs just fall right into my face whenever I push it to the side. Every single time!

Anyway, if you’re looking for the final nudge to take the plunge; I’ve curated a list of fashion bloggers who are currently wearing their hair SHORT in various pixie hairstyle iterations that will hopefully simplify your decision in the matter of getting the pixie! Enjoy :)

A close-crop pixie for the fearless

| Yaki Man

A dual side-shaved pixie with a long middle mane you can style many ways

| Sushanna M.

A neat little pixie with long bangs

| Micah Gianneli

Another classic pixie look with long bangs

| Liubov Basharova

A pixie with an overall short back, side and fringe

| Lidia

An carefree untameable pixie with long asymmetrical front bits

| GocDani

A la Emma Watsons’ style pixie

| Luna X

Sleek short-back long-bangs pixie

| Marie Roget

Charmingly curly hair pixie

| Sofia R.

A chic one-sided close-shaved asymmetrical pixie

| Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Fun fact about me: The reason why my hair was kept short while in primary and secondary school was to reduce time spent fussing over the hair, keep it neat so I can focus more intensely on studying and less on trivial unimportant things like having a sense of style or hanging out with friends.

Well, what do you think of the pixie hair trend? Would you get your hair cropped in any of the styles shown above? If so, which one? Delight me with your thoughts down below!

Everything goes with short hair. It’s bananas.Ginnifer Goodwin

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