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Fashionista NOW: Skeletons and Skulls Halloween Jewelry Inspiration

Skeletons and Skulls Halloween Jewelry Inspiration

Spooky jewelry for Halloweeners part 3. Know anyone in your life who has deep love for ghoulish things and can’t shut up about Halloween? Make them squeal with utter delight at your clever gift-giving.

For our creeptastic jewelry inspo this time around, I chose skulls and skeletons because these are so going to be everywhere amidst the faux phantoms who would be trick-or-treating around your neighborhood. I’m lucky in a way that I live here in Malaysia where this doesn’t actually happen. There is no such Halloween culture here until lately I think but I don’t live where that happens which I think is still pretty rare unless it’s an event of some sort which will then have the usual zombies and vampires prowling around predictably, every single year.

Enough about my very exciting neck of the woods, I actually do love the look of skull-shaped things and have in fact two bracelets with skull ornaments that I wear when I’m feeling particularly edgy, witchy and dangerous on certain days of the month.

For those who are entranced by skulls and skeletons and want to wear them in the form of necklaces and earrings or know others who love them, give this page a scroll and check out the Halloween-appropriate selection that is fairly creepy in a wearable sort of way you won’t be too spooked out to include them in an everyday kind of outfit below!


UptownGirlFashion | glowy halloween skull earrings

Skulls that glow, how can you say no?


SleepyMountain | halloween skull stud earrings

Minimalist skull studs you can wear any day of the week and especially when you feel a bit like death due to lack of sleep.


KristalsKreations20 | pink, white, black skull earrings set

A set of three to share with your besties so you can get your spook on together – how fun!


RockCakes | skeleton necklace with free skull and bone brooch set

Nothing gets you in the mood for Halloween than wearing a skeleton pendant necklace for a statement.


SilverMooseArts | sterling silver skeleton necklace

This one is a must-have if you love a flexible skeleton you can wear with absolutely all kinds of outfits and not just for Halloween either.


LaSantaMuerte | sugar skull stud earrings

Skulls by themselves can be quite out-there for some. But put a ribbon on them and look, how cute are these earrings?


LettersByLilly | white skeleton dangle earrings

If you played Lego as a child, you’re definitely going to squeal at these!

Fun fact about me: I love studying and reading about human psychology. It always interests me why we are the way we are.

What other Halloween trends do you want to see? Drop your suggestions below!

“Masks beneath masks until suddenly the bare bloodless skull.”Salman Rushdie

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