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Fashionista NOW: How To Style An Oversized Top And Look Frump-Free Chic?

Credit | Anni Peng

No need to go baggy-on-baggy like RiRi when you can tame the frump and look flawlessly chic in oversized tops with the help of these style aficionados.

Baggy and oversized looks need not translate into a dire state of frumpiness. We’ve seen the love for long and oversized outerwear expressed in all sorts of outfit renditions this year but less on slouchy big-sized tops worn on their own as most people seem to find the top-heavy look a little hard to pull off.

This too is the case with my sister who is fit but thinks her middle-section could be more toned (don’t we all do, including the extremely toned ones), when she is already perfectly tiny and FIT! I’m also noticing that my past posts on the oversized fashion trend has ever only involved coats, jackets and cardigans that it’s time to zone in on huge tops because here lies the style struggle.

So anyway, if you must know, Daily Mail(DM) is my go-to for senseless consumption of celebrity news especially when they really do go ALL OUT for it with their headlines. You know, the kind that trumpets: So-and-so-who-is-usually-a-female-celeb FLASHES her (insert-whatever-body-part) because it gets me fuming for a second but whatever, as I’m there for junk fashion snacking.

The latest news that got me eye-rolling was: Rihanna Completes Fashion Faux Pas In Socks And Sandals In Paris because DM’s fashion sense is so derelict! Hello: Socks and sandals aren’t a faux pas anymore. Even if you loathe the look, you CANNOT just lump it into the faux pas category. The coupling between sandals and socks is straight-up legit now, so all tourists, athletes and folks with feet trouble can rejoice at their reliable and trusty choice of footwear.

Right back on the DM page I was reading then, I eyeballed the so-called uncharacteristic outfit – DM’s words, not mine – of RiRi’s top-to-toe baggy black ensemble. The bagginess was too real that it made me eyeball the page longer than I wanted to and got me pondering; How can one make a baggy style statement without being reduced to a total-hobo look that will have strangers attacking you with a bowls of hearty soup?

So, I do my best trawling to find how us mere mortals can work the extra bagginess through a blouse, sweater or any type of top within an outfit and exude a certain style factor at the same time because we are all deathly afraid of the frumpy look, aren’t we?

Find the curated looks below and use them as a visual style guide to keep you frump-free and chic in any extra large tops!

| Lotta Leben

| Nina

| Nikki S.

| Angharad Jones

| Hillary B.

| Skye V.

| Rasz Rush

You can thank these ladies for showing how they do the oversized look with style by hyping the look you like on Lookbook!

So ladies, how would you style your own gigantic top to avoid that top-heavy look that most people like stay away from? It’s funny because, with outerwear, the boxy, long line silhouette is celebrated and embraced but plain oversized tops get people to rethink and pause for quite a long while. Tell me what you think down below – I really want to know why there is a reluctance when it comes to this.

Random fact about me: I don’t like the rain when it pours every other day (#firstworldproblem, I know) but when I get to wear my only ankle boots out in the wet asphalt today, I cheered for the rain because it’s the only time I get to rock boots in humid Malaysia!

“The human mind is not a terribly logical or consistent place.”Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

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