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Fashionista NOW: Why You And I Need An Oversized Denim Jacket Like Right Now?

Nostalgic for slouchy denim jackets and my bizarre childhood introduction to Kurt Cobain.

When I was 13, a classmate said I looked like Kurt Cobain. At that age and being a late-bloomer at every aspect of living, I assumed that was a compliment directed to confirm my good looks. I was beaming with self-importance until I went home and found out by asking someone (I can’t remember who it was now. My brother, it has got to be…) who Kurt Cobain was and had my self-esteem temporarily unhinged.

I was 13 and someone said I looked like a man that had tragically died by suicide! How did that happen? WHY? That 13-year-old boy must have been mad obsessed with Nirvana to see the ghost of his favorite rockstar in my young and fresh female face.

Anyway, I had to share that bit out because aside from the weird facts about me I’ve been leaving under each post (which I know, no one ever reads, except for my imaginary bestie, ZALORA), a dear reader had advised that I should just let it all hang out, for the purpose of humanizing my fashion column (and totally embarrassing myself).

Now that we’ve got my early childhood trauma out of the way, let us move on to the subject of oversized jackets, denim in particular.

I was a late-wearer of denim if you must know. Not that you need to know, though. While everyone in high school had their jeans and denim jackets on in the 90s, I wore gaudy patterned holiday pants for the rare group outings. Not a single one of my high school mates ever mentioned of my questionable taste in fashion and that, kids, was how mellow the 90s kids were. Until the internet.

My weird nostalgia aside, I now equate oversized denim jackets with the years that I’d missed out on their existence. And now that I have wrinkles, I look back and finally got it; why these relaxed effortless denim jackets were pretty coveted then, as it is now and how much I so want to wear one, right now!

And guess what, I still don’t have one!

So folks, if you’re clueless like me, you will need to eyeball the looks I’ve compiled to show how amazing these oversized denim outerwear are for layering now that the chill is upon us.

Which of the looks do you like best? Do you own oversized denim jackets? How do you normally style yours?

Now, please be honest and answer this supremely important question: Do I look like Kurt Cobain?

“There’s good in all of us and I think I simply love people too much, so much that it makes me feel too fucking sad.”
Kurt Cobain

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