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Fashionista NOW: 10 Cross Body Bags for the Perfect Casual Weekend

10 Cross Body Bags for the Perfect Casual Weekend

Daryl shares with us his thoughts about cross body bags, styling tips and his favorite list while I share something every fanatic online shopper should know!

Style Du Monde took these two pictures of top model Fei Fei Sun on two separate occasions – and in both pictures she looks effortless and free, mostly due to the instant casual vibe that the cross body bag exudes.

These two photos capture two different ways a cross body bag can enhance your look: you can either place the focus on the strap of the bag, allowing it to shape the length of your torso, or on the actual bag itself, drawing the eye’s attention to your waist and hips.

How you wear it depends on you and the bag itself, but there’s absolutely no denying that these items are not only perfect for that casual weekend, but for dealing with the hot weather as well, ensuring maximum style with exerting minimum effort.

As an alternative to the classic handbag or the tiny clutch, cross body bags also give you the added benefit of leaving your hands free. They also give an excellent third option to those who don’t need the large space of a handbag or the all-too-constricted offerings of the clutch.

These are 10 cross body bags available now that you should seriously consider getting:



Stella Bella | black leather chained crossbody bag | shop through ShopBack for <12% cashback



Warehouse | cross body bag with stitching details | shop through ShopBack for 5% cashback



Matt And Nat | cross body bag with triple compartment | shop through ShopBack for 5% cashback



Ted Baker | exotic leather cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for 4% cashback



Mango | pocket cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for <12% cashback



Mango | quilted beige cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for <10% cashback



Asos | quilted lock cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for 5% cashback



Shella | shoulder cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for <10% cashback



Street Level | suede fringe cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for 5% cashback



Ted Baker | textured leather cross body bag | shop through ShopBack for 4% cashback



Dear readers who have been following us from way back dinos roam this space, we are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with ShopBack Malaysia with this very first post. My shopaholic ladies and gents, this one is for you!

What In THE WORLD is ShopBack Malaysia?

Let me first explain what is ShopBack Malaysia and why should you be bothered when you can shop virtually anywhere you like, whenever you like, right?

Well, the answer depends on the kind of shopper, you are.

Do you shop smartly using discount codes and such?

Do you shop specifically when there are eye-popping offers or super duper mega sales involved?

Well, if you’ve been nodding then you’ve probably been scouring away for legit coupons to use whenever you shop online, right?

If so, don’t you just loathe the bothersome task of hunting down elusive coupon codes at the very last minute? I know I do!

With Shopback, you get everything under one roof. Promo codes, offers, and cashback!

If you have ever shopped on Lazada, Asos, Ted Baker, Choies, Nordstrom, Sheinside, eBay, Qoo10, River Island, Forever 21, Taobao, Soukai, Megafash (and Groupon and more), isn’t it best to do the shopping under one site that has all the discount codes/offers and CASHBACK benefits all in one place so you don’t miss out on any type of discounts/promos? And then to top it off, get cashback?



My Experience With ShopBack Malaysia

I recently bought a gift for my beloved mother through Lazada (via ShopBack) and the sum was about RM700. The cashback offered for me having done my shopping through ShopBack is 5%. Within 48 hours, my ShopBack account was deposited with a total of RM38.95 which I can cash out after 60 days.

The disadvantage for some might be having to wait for 60 days but that doesn’t really bother me as much. Compare having done the shopping outside of ShopBack and not even getting a bit of cash to save up? If you’re one enthusiastic shopaholic fashionista, can you imagine how much you could save over time? This applies to other non-fashion-related purchases so if you know of anyone who go all out with online shopping whether locally here in Malaysia or internationally, recommend them to do their online shopping through ShopBack and watch them smile with every cashback they accumulate with every little purchase. I so prefer this to collecting points any day!

If you are one clever online shopper who is also a loyal reader of ours, we invite you to give ShopBack Malaysia a go and experience for yourself how shopping online and earning cashback at the same time can be pretty fun!

That said, we would love for you to sign up with ShopBack Malaysia through our exclusive link here.


This post (minus the long essay about ShopBack, which I wrote myself) was written by Daryl who is constantly keeping watch on all the latest fashion trends! He pens his love for fashion for the local cashback site, ShopBack Malaysia.

Feel free to drop us any questions/thoughts if you have them down below!

“I absolutely hate clothes shopping, though I love clothes. It’s my idea of heaven to be handed things to wear.”Zoe Wanamaker

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