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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Wear The Loose Laidback LBD Style This El Nino

Credit | Hien Le

Don’t let the El Nino weather stop you from wearing black. The trick lies in choosing the right kind of fabric and silhouette! Loose and relaxed, we show you the LBDs you can wear even when temps fly through the roof.

The little(or long) black dress needs no introduction as it is the women’s fashion sphere’s fix for everything. The LBD is the go-to party number, also great for the semi-dressy bash and amazingly perfect as the casual yet chic frock to be worn time and time again for the very plain fact that: it works.

Rendered in black, for one, it’s versatile. It’s an easy canvas for adventurous jewelry, textures and layers. Available in multitudes of shapes and silhouettes, there is without a doubt a black dress that will fit every single occasion there exist.

In this post, I shall focus on the loose and laidback LBD variety which is my absolute favorite, which you will find is pretty friendly to all figures who want a dress that is stress-free when you slip into it after a major feasting session.

I know that some people tend to avoid wearing black when it’s hot out but with a relaxed fitting black dress, a compromise is reached and that while it may be a heat-magnet, the loose unclingy shape allows for adequate breeze to find its way in. By the way, it’s officially El Nino season here in Malaysia. I know I’ve mentioned that we’ve got only one gloomy monsoon season to dress up for (ha ha ha) but thunderous heavy rain doesn’t just happen. So we’ve got El Nino to help fatten up the clouds for the upcoming glorious pour.

My weird weather obsession aside, did you watch the VMAs? I still can’t get over the Biebs so-called retro swoopy hairdo – where is the volume, why did he wear a cap to further flatten his mane during his performance? These questions begged to be answered! As it is, I already have a huge problem with my own weak and limp hair and now, I get free anxiety whenever picture recaps of his hair randomly pop up.

Okay, enough about the Biebs and his hair, let’s just dive into the LBD breed with the relaxed and flowy silhouettes that I just so want to wear right now.

Weird fact about me: I can get really intense about some TV shows that I watch that I may start to daydream about the fictional characters way after the series have all been watched and over. Case in point: Skins. This show literally got under my skin. If you’ve not watched it, you need to! It’s on YouTube, for the cheeses’ sakes! Watch the first episode now.

If a billowy black dress drowns your shape a little too much, go for the cinched look. So, what do you think about the looks and the style of black dresses shown above? Would you wear any of them? Share your opinions below as I sure love reading them!

“I believe that one can never leave home. I believe that one carries the shadows, the dreams, the fears and the dragons of home under one’s skin, at the extreme corners of one’s eyes and possibly in the gristle of the earlobe.”Maya Angelou

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