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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Cinch Your Waist With Style

Should you or should you not cinch your waist with a belt? That is the question.

The cinched waist to accentuate the female figure is all the rage but have you noticed that there are just too many outfits that are destroyed by the presence of the wrong style of belts? If you’re a newbie at the cinched look, there are ways to wear belts that add to the look without bringing your style down. Find out here.

I will first share that I am no fan of belts in general. The El Nino weather that is affecting this little tropical patch is just too hot for the cinched look. And I avoid any type of layering (yes, even with belts) when the possibility of being blasted by the horrible heatwave the Malaysian ‘summer’ is all about at the moment is high. Even if it rains, yes. Extreme measures, but it has to be done.

And sometimes, I feel the belts that I have in my very sparse collection aren’t just doing it. I’ve not shopped for belts for ages and so, the ones I have are either pretty old and naturally gaudy or are hand-me-downs that are a-okay but only ever worn with jeans or pants with the sole reason of holding them up against the pull of gravity.

There was and still is never quite a style purpose to my adding a belt into my outfit. And when I do attempt to do it with a huge oversized top that threatens to swallow me up for example, I am brought to the realization that I just don’t fancy the feeling of having it over my waist and will happily chuck it to the side.

That said, I can see that when a cinched look is done cleverly, the whole outfit is quite transformed! And since I never really know how to get it right, I’ve turned to Lookbook for help. So, should you ever require a style guide on how to nail down the proper chic cinched look (to my eye, that is), it is best to simply look at the pros who do it right.

Without further ado, enjoy the pretty little ways that the right belt can really add to your look as opposed to weighing it down with the help of lookbookers below:

Belt It In Only When You Need It & Do It How They Do It

| Stryle TZ

| Tatiana M.

| Jasmin Fatschild

| Min. T.

| Marianela Yanes

| Lilia Uriostegui mojica

| Nay Firens

| Sonja Shoppisticated

| Natasha Karpova

Are you into the cinched look where wearing a belt to define the waistline is involved? Or do you wear belts just to hold your pants up (like me)? Share your thoughts as I’d love to know!

“It is not money that makes you well dressed: it is understanding.”Christian Dior

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