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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Sandals And Socks Fashion Inspiration

“Sticks and stones may break my bone, socks and sandals make me hurl.” Just kidding! This controversial partnership has certainly sparked intense conversations amongst the fashion community. Don’t care but want to know how to wear them? Let’s find out.

Way back when wearing sandals with socks was the stuff that touristy Briton/German men wore because they could, clueless to the fact that they’d become the unsuspecting subjects of comedy by fashion-worshipers, the act was and is still considered utter blasphemy by a proportion of opinionated fashion-inclined types. It’s something I think and wonder about but not when older people are the ones wearing the unholy combo because hey, they might be at the behest of wonky body temperature regulation so I won’t rain on their parade.

As early as 2008 young fashionistas were starting to wear sandals with socks as a fashion statement the way you layer up the top part of your torso. The same is applied down below as they layer up their footwear for effect. One of the earliest fashion bloggers to make a run of a fad that was infamously associated with the men’s fashion faux pas was Hong-Kong-hailed Mayo Wo and on her, they actually did work with her quirky-girly outfits.

Anyway, fast-forward to 2014, sandals and socks have swayed into a different category altogether. The once mocked combo is now part of the normcore anti-fashion fashion trend as the young and restless embrace it in what you’d be tempted to call a very hipster thing to do but perhaps, it’s better to let the selected fashion imagery below do the talking before you make up your mind:

socks and jelly sandals

Bold pink jelly sandals can be made to pop even more by wearing a pair of chick print socks. Annemarie incorporates lace top, studded leather jacket, floral skirt and an eye-catching backpack rendered in galaxy and cat prints.

black socks and white sandals

If you love black and white, utilize the classic combo through the pairing of sandals and socks the way Yona from Everlasting Pure does it. Up top, she layers an eyelet dress over a shirt.

frilly socks and sandals

Pink frilly socks bring a feminine surprise as Josephine wears them with a pair of strappy white sandals to go with a slouchy vintage denim jacket worn over a vintage pink dress.

socks and strappy sandals

Izumi goes for the Autumn feel by pairing earthy green socks with black strappy sandals that she teams with a long-sleeved top and a plaid skirt.

blue socks and platform sandals

Pretty floral prints and candy colors dominate the top of Shelly’s look while she opts for a color-block statement by wearing dark blue socks with a pair of white platform sandals. Shelly who likes scary movies has a blog called Arizona Girl where you can find more of her.

socks and birkenstocks

Shannon from The Fashann Monster aims for striking contrast as she pairs her off-white socks with a black strap birkenstock sandal to go with her cutout dress and leather tote. A minimalist look at its best.

More outfit ideas with sandals and socks:


| creative set designed by strayalley

socks + sandals

| creative set designed by Alice

Simple look

| creative set designed by Berina

socks with sandals

| creative set designed by Sophinator


| creative set designed by Tania Maria

What do you think of the sandals-and-socks fashion trend? Would you dare to wear it? If so, how would you choose to style it? Share below and let us know!

“I hope I am the antithesis of disposable fashion.”Jason Wu

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