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Fashionista NOW: Whether Leggings Are Pants Or Not Is Not Important

Credit | Heba E.

…because they’re shaped like pants but behave like tights. Read my opinion on how I would wear a pair of leggings.

It’s 2015 and people still fight over whether leggings are pants or not and should they ever be worn with short tops that expose the front and posterior lady parts. I’ve read numerous articles on tips concerning the right way to wear leggings, which are not tights, and while they look like pants, technically, they might not be treated as such because made in sheer/opaque fabric, they might resemble a pair of sheer/opaque tights, well minus the foot part.

Let us detangle all the confusion we’re seeing and experiencing whenever leggings become the topic of conversation. My very first few articles penned down on this site at its greenest which was close to 5 years ago was centered on how much I love them, how to choose the perfect leggings and how NOT to wear them and I still do stand by the same principle that I had then as while they may look like a pair of pants (they’re shaped like one) and I might wear them as that for exercising purposes as I walk in the park with a bunch of other people who are also dressed for sweat-breaking, I will not wear them with a short top for a casual outing or even a slightly dressier one.

Reason: I do not want the camel toe to come out and play and also, even though my tush is fairly cute, I feel that having them on show at the back for anyone to view (whether to their utter delight or suffering) is really unappealing because I have been a witness to a few posteriors of ladies of various ages and stages, pert or not in a state of mild exposure that I promise you; were not apparent to them because they just didn’t have eyeballs situated at the back to notice how their bottoms are screaming in utter embarrassment if they have mouths.

So, some of you will be tempted to say that I’m completely old-school and that all the young and hip that makes up the fashionable set wears them as pants and they’re heroic and cool-looking and that their asses do not unsightly stick out as they’re perfectly toned and the leggings mold accordingly to their curves and that it is all essentially a matter of confidence and FABRIC!

Okay, you’ve got a point, maybe BUT still I personally have seen how the look by itself isn’t inspiring confidence in me because most leggings (not jeggings) are so soft they envelop the backside (and front bit) in a way that is not figure-enhancing unless you opt for something thicker and textured that they’d be more like jeggings, in which case, they’ve ceased to become leggings.

To see how the current fashion-adoring ladies are wearing their leggings without judgment, cast your attention below:

Whenever I get critical over style choices, it is only to be taken with a giant bag on salt as ultimately it is only my personal view on the way I would choose to wear something. I have worn leggings with a shorter top before and only found that the look ain’t cute on me after a couple of times wearing them that way. I admit that of all the leggings-worn-as-pants examples I’ve seen in real life, only some teens and young adults of a slender body type could get a way with wearing them like that.

Fun fact: I just found out that the unsightly folds of the bottom clad in skin-tight leggings is called a camel butt. I’ve seen far too many of these here and have trained my eyeballs to ignore but my mouth is too rebellious for that.

How would you wear your leggings? Share below – I’d love to know!

“The greatest consolation in life is to say what one thinks.” Voltaire

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