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Fashionista NOW : Don’t We Just Love Leggings?

My love affair with leggings started off with skinny jeans. Yep, you heard it. Skinny jeans that I made from converting my old pair of retro bell bottom jeans into a pair of leg-hugging skinny jeans – Thanks to the ever so helpful YouTube.

Here’s the video to give you a quick and practical idea that will put your old abandoned pants and bell bottoms from the dark corners of the closet to good use:

Now, I’m not saying that all bell-bottoms should be converted. Just the old ones that you have not been wearing for some time could be modified so that you’ll be more excited to wear them once they fit snugly around your legs.

From the bell-bottom of yesteryears, these hands gave birth to an amazing pair of skinnies that I still wear even now. Gotta give myself a pat on my own back for using Google to increase my own creativity, turning an old pair of worn denim into something fresh.

From making my own skinny jeans from an old pair of bell-bottom jeans, my love affair with leggings (or tights) began.
Leggings is a fashion trend that has made a comeback recently and I must say it’s super comfy, easy to put on, and very sexy (if you wear ’em right)!

Don’t you just love comfy curve-hugging leggings?

Even men can rock a pair of leggings (meggings, a.k.a male leggings) and look stylish. But I can also see why some men (and women) may find the trend off-putting, which I think is just a difference in opinion that comes from a different taste in fashion.

But if you’re interested to find out the variety of reasons behind such dislike/hatred, you can go ahead and read ‘Why Meggings Are Hated With Passion here.

But oh goodness, tell me that you so agree with me that Marcus looks just amazing in his leggings in the fashion photo (above)? And that owl necklace? I so want!

As you can probably tell by the level of excitation this piece reveals, skinny jeans and leggings are both obligatory legwear in my world. Are you crazy over them as much as I do? Please tell me in the comment section below.

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