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Fashionista NOW: Why Meggings Are Hated With Passion?

“This season, menswear has been taken to new levels of skinniness. Guys, wince and whimper a painful “hello” to man-leggings, or “meggings”. –Guardian.

In the streets of Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to see the ladies sporting their favorite leggings underneath casual or formal dresses, long blouses or even shirts layered with long cardigans or jackets.

Nowadays, the male counterparts are joining in the skinny fashion parade by wearing the male leggings – more popularly known as meggings. I should warn you that here’s a style that you will either love to death or hate hate hate.

Personally, I don’t have a problem with males rocking the male version of leggings (as long as they do it in style) because I am in love with my own collection of leggings.

In all honesty, I still can understand why some men/women adore them and why the rest abhor them.

Let’s look at the top reasons – filtered through my lenses – why the leg-hugging wear is hated with passion.

It makes them men look like girls !

This is one of the most uttered lines among folks who err on the side of fashion-conservatism. They feel the male species ought to stick to the “standard type” of menswear. When you ask the definition of the accepted type of men pants, they will gladly pronounce – stick to something that is not worn by women and if it flaunts your crotch, make sure it’s underwear. Now that should be easy, shouldn’t it?

Being a fashion liberal myself, I believe the real reason that most men just don’t have a thing for male leggings because they don’t want to be giving the male-loving males the wrong kind of impression.

Celebs can get away with it, but mere mortals, don’t even think of it !

This is yet another common comment that I’ve read and heard when it comes to the public’s opinions of meggings and one that I refuse to consider seriously.

Seriously, some average Joes do have better fashion taste than some celebs we see on TV. What about the rise of the young internet celebs with quirky fashion preference – the style has got to start somewhere right?

In Japan where fascinating fashion breeds like mushrooms after the rain, meggings are acknowledged as a sizzling hot item among males of 20 to 30 years of age. I’d say if you have the figure – long slender legs – why not?

They’re way too clingy !

We’re basically back to point number one.

Some guys just don’t fancy the body-hugging stuff that girls love, and while they find leggings on the fairer sex – with great legs  – very attractive – they can’t say the same thing about guys who wear them. The guys who don’t support meggings in general often have a scrunched up look on their faces just imagining another guy wearing meggings.

Perhaps, it’s the guy’s anatomy that is getting in the way. I honestly feel that if you know how to wear the male leggings with a touch of your own unique style, it doesn’t matter what the haters have to say. Go for it man!

Are you a guy who loves to wear meggings? What kind of style do you go for when it comes to wearing leggings in a country such as ours? Do you go all out and make a loud fashion statement? Or do you only wear meggings at home only?

If you hate male leggings, please tell us why. We would really be delighted to know!

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Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

11 comments to Fashionista NOW: Why Meggings Are Hated With Passion?

  • Marc

    I think all of the examples posted here are fun styles for guys. I honestly can’t stand the boredom of typical men’s fashion, so I usually search out to find things that most guys I’m sure wouldn’t wear, would consider more femme, gay, what have you. Others comments are meaningless to me, I enjoy having my own style, being different and to me it’s a lot of fun.

    But to be honest, after wearing my own very unique style for at least 10 years, not once has anyone had a bad comment directly to me. Behind my back perhaps, but that’s all fine by me.

    I don’t care to fit into any standards dictated by society, so called “fashion experts” or anyone else for that matter.

    That all being said, if I wasn’t really fit, I wouldn’t be as wild as I am with my choices because I just don’t think it would look good on me with a flabby body.

  • Love D®.

    Fashion Independence ! =) Do you have a blog where you show off your style a bit ?

  • Real Man

    Real man should be big macho and strong. These guys should man up and conform to the code of machismo masculinity or they will certainly risk being beaten up by the other real men out there.

    • Aeondrift

      Violent criminals who beat people up for daring to be different should be locked up like the dangerous sub-animals that they are. And they should be neutered, fed only low quality animal feed for the rest of their pathetic worthless lives.

    • harith

      wow, men who beat up men(in general other ppl), for that reason is definitely fall to the lowest in the human kind. No matter how macho or good looking you are, that is just plain WRONG.

  • James

    Back in the days, women used to be restricted to only skirt and dresses, and the kitchen. But now they are now allowed to dress whatever way they like. Its about time for greater fashion and expressive freedom for men too. I love how the Japanese and many of the modern asian urban male cultures tend to be more adventerous compared to the conservative male culture of our western world. But its certainly changing and I think this is a good thing.

  • Katie

    I say if you have the body type go for it! Especially Japanese and Asian men in general tend to be more feminine looking anyway so it works for them. But NO if you are a big hairy macho man.. lol Skinny jeans and leggings are meant to be worn by “skinny” people, hello!? Certainly NOT for fat chunky girls, and most definately not for macho hairy men who are “fat” with muscles either.

  • Obs123

    Most men are either fat with lard or fat with muscles, and too thick-hairy-macho looking to suit this look. Most men should stick with hobosexual style, just like how fat chicks should stay away from skinny jeans and/or leggings. Nothing to do with gender, its about the individual..

  • Holy crap, that’s totally me in the first pic. This is probably the highlight of my day, be used as a fashion trend reference. Boooya! =P

  • Hello Jonathan! :)
    We are forever thankful for your amazing style and charm. And oh so glad that this made your day!! Keep being STYLISH!

  • sTitch Leggings

    Allow me to introduce myself:

    On the 28th of October 2012, two young city workers wore ill fitting female leggings to a fancy dress party in north London. These two individuals alongside another mutual friend have now tasked themselves with designing, manufacturing and selling male leggings to the fashion conscious Londoner.

    To find out more, head to

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