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Fashionista NOW: Adorable Ghost-Inspired Jewelry Inspiration


Need a Halloween-friendly jewelry idea that isn’t too creepy and involves cute ghosts? Here’s a ghostly bling list you will want to wear.

Ghosts are generally far from cute in horror films and stories you hear when people gather around in quiet hush preferably with campfire burning in the middle. When I think of ghosts, I think of childhood ghost stories of how my brother and his friend saw a languid figure at the exit stairway of an office building but never of my own version of a ghost because I have never seen any, so thank goodness.

Even though I pride myself in being a straight-forward, logical person you’ll ever find whose thoughts on the supernatural stuff have greatly diminished as real life takes over, I still can get spooked by practically anything like say, an unexpected moving shadow rather easily. So, as much as I love Halloween and have declared that it’s the only celebration of the year that gets me excited, I truly don’t want be scared shitless for no reason!

And if there are ghosts I want about my person, I’d rather them to be Casper-like and adorable like these Halloween-friendly ghost-inspired jewelry I’ve rounded up just because they’re so cute and I hope you like them too!


👻 KatchenDesignsBerlin | fluorescent ghost stud earrings

These glow-in-the-dark phantoms will keep your ears glowing in the night. How cute are they?


👻 ObsessoriesLA | halloween ghost stud earrings

These remind me of Casper the friendly ghost taking me down memory lane when all the girls were nuts about Devon Sawa!


👻 CandyDesignCrea | pac man inspired stud earrings

I love playing the Pac Man but I often die too soon and it gets me frustrated. These colorful ghosts are an option for those who prefer cheerful apparitions decorating the ear lobes.


👻 CaramelaHandmade | retro game pac man ring set

Statement Pac Man ring set that will be an instant conversation-starter! The vibrant chirpy colors will be the boost that any dark or neutral outfit could do with.


👻 emandsprout | sleepy ghost charm necklace

These ghost pendants have the lushest lashes and they make you smile instead of cry – a perfect charm necklace for those with high affinity for only the cutest of things.


👻 huiyitan | sterling silver little ghost necklace

A delicate ghost pendant necklace that can be worn long after Halloween’s over because it’s just so chic and at the same time unexpected, because who would even think ghosts as chic, right?


👻 ChikoCraft | tiny ceramic halloween ghost earrings

A dangly ghost earring variety that’s minimal enough for everyday. Lacking mouths, these ghost might be mildly creepy but a little spook in October getup is charming.

Which of the ghost earrings do you like best? Are there any other Halloween trends you’re into and would love to see here? Share below – I’d love to know!

PS: I think of ghosts in the abstract, of the past that dwells in people and places. Things that used to be there but aren’t anymore. Of memories that have a life line to the present.

“Truly the universe is full of ghosts, not sheeted churchyard spectres, but the inextinguishable elements of individual life, which having once been, can never die, though they blend and change, and change again for ever.”H. Rider Haggard

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