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Fashionista NOW: The High Neckline Style You Can Wear In Any Weather

Credit | Zunera Serena

Necks are where it’s at. Check out the high neck styles you can wear in climates not suited for turtlenecks.

As temps fall, layers happen and necklines rise.

With the turtleneck trend still going strong this year, we’re seeing various levels of high necklines in sweaters, tees, blouses, dresses and jumpsuits. I remember back when turtleneck just wasn’t cool at all and this was early 2000s. When mom handed me her old knit turtleneck sweater thinking I would somehow appreciate the look which she said was totally fashionable, I wrinkled my nose and hid the thing far back into the dark end of the closet. It was one thing to despise the neck-strangling look but there was also a practical reason for my quick dislike for turtleneck tops: Not a single friend I knew wore them plus who in their right mind would wear them in this kind of humidity?

These days, with the use of lighter fabric and a mock neckline interpretation that is comparatively more wearable, long gone are the days when the young utterly shied away from the trend. For me personally, the high neck halter top styles in particular helped to pave the way to my appreciation of the higher necklines that started me on a craze over mandarin collar blouses.

Nevertheless, the Malaysian weather isn’t suited to wearing a full turtleneck that goes up high and drapes all around our warm collective necks because the humidity is not your friend and will make you want to tear the whole thing to pieces.

For those who are in locations where wearing neck-smothering clothing isn’t practical, opt for a high neck style that ends at the lowest part of your neck, somewhere on or slightly above the collar bone. There is an elegance with a neckline like this that proves to be flattering on your silhouette as it is elongating.

But this also depends on the relationship you have with the way you view your neck. For instance, some people have (or think they have) a wider neck and do not like to have it highlighted. If you really want to try out the trend, choose a neckline that sits lower than the collar bone to see if you like how your whole look translates.

A boat neck style is another option to try as it is much more wearable as it has a wide neckline that grazes below the collarbone as opposed to hugging around your neck so closely. Pay attention to the fabric type and also the overall cut. If you love the high neck look, it doesn’t mean you need to go for a full-fledged sweater; there are crop tops and sleeveless tank styles and blouses with off-the-shoulder design that carry high necklines too!

Let us see how the global style bloggers are wearing the high neck look that anyone in a more warmer locales can also wear down below. Enjoy!

| Diana Netaneel Caitilin

| Kaiye R.

| Caro Daur

| Novi

| Sarah

| Jasmine Bae

| Marilyn N.

Fun fact about me: I love lightweight mandarin collared blouses with the side decorative button opening.

Which of the high neck style do you like best? Is the weather where you are perfect for wearing turtlenecks already? How do you like your turtlenecks to be? Loose and slouchy in the form of a cowl neck or fitted closely like a second skin around your neck? Share your thoughts – I love reading them!

“If the creator has a purpose in equipping us with a neck, he surely would have meant for us to stick it out.”Arthur Koestler

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