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Celebrating African Fashion in Contemporary Clothing Design

Visually-exciting and absolutely mesmerizing, fabric with African motif offers a bold spin into modern clothing propelling African fashion into the spotlight.

Dress Trend: Authentic Indigenous Art In Handcrafted Dresses

Looking for dresses with authentic indigenous artwork displayed on them? This post is for you.

A Refresher For Your Love of Hoop Earrings ~ Something Fluffy

The new hoop earrings to love this pandemic year: Fluffy + cute!

Halloween During The Pandemic ~ Face Mask Style Ideas

Excited for Halloween? Our advice: Avoid the crowds and wear a mask with your favorite Halloween vibe while out in public spaces.

Summer of 2020 Must-Have ~ The Billowy Tie Dye Harem Jumpsuit

As temperatures go high this summer, let’s embrace the breathable silhouette and bohemian look of a tie dye harem jumpsuit.

Earth-Conscious: Make These Vintage Finds Your Go-To Home Dress Option

Retro dressing: Embrace the slow fashion movement with these eye-catching vintage dresses

Summer Retro Dress Inspiration ~ Ruffles & Delicate Feminine Tailoring

Summer midi dresses have never been this romantic! Vintage style details guaranteed to make you drool.

5 African Chic Skirt Styles To Wear Before 2020 Ends

African Chic Skirt Styles 2020

Dazzle in skirts patterned in vivid ankara prints to celebrate your love for African-inspired fashion.

Earring 2020 Game: Color Happy Clay Earrings With A Textured Interest

Clay Statement Earrings Style 2020

These clay earrings will make you beam with joy.

Made in Malaysia: The Batik Mask Style To Wear For A Bohemian Fashion Statement

Made in Malaysia: The Batik Mask Style To Wear For A Bohemian Fashion Statement

Need a new mask inspo? Consider the breathable cotton mask that is sustainable and celebrates Malaysian-made batik.

Lounge Dress Style ~ Linen Hooded Dress

Love the hooded sweater look? Now you can wear it in a dress deemed lounge-perfect and style-forward too!

10 Eye-catching Earrings To Wear For Eye-Popping Ears

10 Bold Earring Styles To Consider

Want to frame your face with bold and fascinating earrings this pandemic year? Consider our latest curated list!