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Fashionista NOW: What Outfit To Wear With Flat Oxford Shoes?

Credit| Pri GS

Uniting all the the oxfords-loving fashionistas in one post so we can learn what sort of outfit to pair with the awesome flat oxford shoes.

Oxfords and I go way back and interestingly, I never actually knew what the shoe style was called when I first realized and acknowledged that they were so my favorite shoes in the world. I have meaty ankles and an overall wide feet so finding oxfords in my size which is EU 40 – 41 can be a bit of challenge in shoe boutiques that always have a lot of the smaller range sizes as opposed to the larger ones here in Malaysia.

ZALORA has my size but it run out like minute traces of water in a Sahara desert so I’m guessing us wide feet Malaysian ladies do have a virtual battle to endure whenever we shop for shoes there. I just ordered a platform pointy kind of flats that I wish are oxfords now that I am having a love-and-hate state of mind whenever I put on the new kicks. This is something you’d so relate to if you’ve ever ordered a shoe online. You know, the feeling you have when you put on a brand new shoe in a new style that you see are so gorgeous on everyone else’s feet and find out regrettably how they do not actually translate well on your own feet? Not that I hate them, mind you. For a size 41 which is my size, my heels seem to slip off of them whenever I decide to carry my feet up to walk. Anyway, we’ll see how it fits when I stick on the back heel insert I just bought.

So, my present mood now in relation to my latest shoe shopping is, why didn’t I just get a bloody oxford shoe? Why must I go get something I’ve never in my life had worn before? While I now struggle to keep my feet in the new footwear, I am also caught in a conundrum having to do with not knowing exactly what type of a bottomwear shall I team with these darn shoes so as to NOT ACCENTUATE my wide ankle because apparently, the pointy front is just making the width of my feet even more obvious! #FirstWorldProbles, I know. I’ll post a photo soon once I figure this out.

In the meantime, join me in ogling the oxford shoes down below and if you find that it’s also a challenge to find an outfit that goes brilliantly well with the style of the flat oxfords, hopefully the looks will help you get inspired. Enjoy!

| Haley D.

| Gabirul C.

| Norelle Weng

| Sushanna M.

| Teresa Vu

| Flannel Foxes

| Iza Leszczak

| Vivian Li

| Tiffany

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Fun fact about me: I don’t like wearing dainty shoes with even daintier straps. I like my footwear to be sturdy and chunky and if it carries straps, I like them wide, flexible and reliably resilient to the force of my giant feet.

Ladies, if you have any other tips on styling a pair of flat oxfords, feel free to drop them down below. Also, tell me if you’ve ever went and bought a new shoe in a style you’ve never worn before and then experience a despair similar to mine? And what did you do afterwards to remedy the problem? Make me feel better please, thank you!

“Until we as a gender refuse to wear any shoe that would be uncomfortable to walk a mile in, we’re perfectly screwed.”Cheryl Strayed

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