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80s Earrings Inspo – 10 LOUD Styles To Make Your OOTD Pop

Credit: SecondRoom

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The 80s was a time of excitement if we can summarize it as seen in the whimsical nature of the fashion spirit then. Though it did become the highly-avoided decade to inspire a repeat of trends in dressing, the mullet hairstyle has popped right back  into the scene along with other fun 80s style elements.

Alas, in the midst of the pandemonium that is currently the vibe of our lives at this point, perhaps, a certain flamboyance is anticipated and appreciated with a lot more mindful strategy in our current approach.

In the case of earrings, nothing beats the boldness of the 80s vintage and inspired ear pieces as they are worn to be seen peeking through the sides of your head. The colors, patterns, use of materials are all about stretching the horizons to making a design statement that is loud and clear. You’d never have to squint your eyes to guess the shape and style of a stranger’s earrings and in the new edgy monotony of our living, this little thing that glitters and shines on our lobes becomes our tiny symbol of hope and optimism.

I wonder what YOU think of the 80s earring styles and whether they make sense in your present day wardrobe? In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal, but then again, it’s a privilege to be able to ponder about something mundane yet visually-fun.

Down below, you will find a curation of TEN styles of 80s earrings that may make you rethink on how you can spice up the way you frame your face.

Let us take a look, now, shall we?

10 Earrings With A BOLD 80s Design Statement...

Iridescent Wave Earrings 80s Style // Animalhairstuff
Vintage Teal Flat Round Simple Stud Earrings // AshBeeVintage
Retro Casette Tape Earrings 80s Style // IJSY
Vintage 80s Square Black Red Enamel Earrings // SecondRoom
Vintage 80s Neon Dangle Hoop Earrings // Rhubarbjumbleshop
Yellow Pop Art Earrings 80s Style // SilkPurseSowsEar
Vintage 80s Telephone Novelty Earrings // RetroRebelTrading
Geometric Color Block 80s Style Earrings // MaiaFaddoul
80s Chunky Geometric Stud Earrings // MorseCodeVintage
Vintage 80s Neon Pink Hoop Stud Earrings // Rhubarbjumbleshop

So, which 80s statement earrings are your favorite? Share with us down below.

Are you an independent jewelry artist with a collection of unique earrings? Drop us a message so we can have your designs featured here!

Stay safe and be kind to others you meet in your path!



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