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Fashionista NOW: Vintage 80s Blazer Style Inspiration For An Eye-Popping Outerwear Game

Vintage 80s Blazer Style Inspiration For An Eye-Popping Outerwear Game

Credit | filthyrebena

A party-ready statement blazer to pop over anything and cut down dressing time – Who can say no?

Ladies, when you are wearing the most basic outfit ever and it’s so comfy and what do you do to make it all dressed up in a jiff? Pop on a statement blazer!

As an 80s child, being maximalist in fashion was a reflection of the spirit of the time. Why wear a muted blazer when one can have a visual explosion of patterns and colors. The blazers from the 80s that scream color in your face seem to me a way of embracing the bold blazer trend that you can wear over your most casual or basic outfit and transform it into a ready-to-party getup.

I really like this clever dressing strategy because it does simplify things so much and we need not take too long to coordinate and strategize especially when one is responsible for dressing up oneself.

So for those quite into the bold and quirky trend in blazers, I suggest looking through the 80s wardrobe for some cool inspo and I hope the selection below will get your creative style juices running. Enjoy!


Graphic Paint Splatter 80s Blazer


| wearwildviolet


Vintage 80s Aztec Statement Blazer


| TheDesertCats


Vintage 80s Plaid Blazer


| VintageSeventhHeaven


80s Silk Floral Blazer With Shoulder Pads


| filthyrebena


80s Confetti Print Blazer


| SuperstitionStreet


Well, what do you think of these eye-catching vintage statement blazers from the 80s? Which one would you love to wear? Share below – you know I love reading your comments!

“Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go.”Rebecca Solnit

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