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Fashionista NOW: The Peplum Kebaya Style To Wear This Raya 2018

The Peplum Kebaya Style To Wear This Raya 2018

Baju raya 2018 idea: Why not this kebaya with a peplum waist?

The design of the kebaya top is imperative as it sets the mood for the whole kebaya set. After all, it is the defining factor of the kebaya. Or else, the top can just be any other blouse.

With Zalia’s new interpretation that uses the highly-loved peplum waist, the kebaya blouse still retains the element of the short kebaya, reminiscent of the Nyonya style. The difference is that the kebaya by Zalia uses a jacquard fabric and the significant flare that comes from the waist design.

For fans of the peplum in modern baju kurung, it will be of no surprise that you will gravitate towards this kebaya. The jacquard kebaya comes in three options – all carry a floral motif on top. The long kebaya skirt is purposely made to be a blank canvas, in a regular fit that has a back pleat for ease of movement.

The visual focus stays on the kebaya blouse as that is where the party is happening. With the peplum waist, I’d say this is the kebaya to wear when feasting will be done with rigor or if you want your belly to relax as you enjoy yourself during the Eid celebration.

Without further ado, have a view of the jacquard peplum kebaya style and enjoy!


Pastel Floral Jacquard Peplum Kebaya


| shop here


Bohemian Floral Jacquard Peplum Kebaya


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Tranquil Blue Jacquard Peplum Kebaya


| shop here


Which modern kebaya would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know.

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