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Fashionista NOW: Camo Chic Fashion Inspiration

Camouflage prints are well known for their muddy jungle-esque masculine trademark. But lately, fashion-conscious ladies from all over the globe have managed to give a sweet feminine spin to the often edgy camo fashion trend.

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Fashionista NOW: Lip Prints In Fashion & Lip-Inspired Accessories

If you’re looking for a fun and casual modern print to sport that is neither floral nor animal but completely human-inspired, you may just pucker up to this one.

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Fashionista NOW: Espadrilles ~ Summer Must-Have Shoes

Espadrilles have been around for at least 4000 years and they shall forever remain in the shoe world.

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Fashionista NOW: Spring Color Trend ~ Cobalt Blue

Cobalt blue is an instant pick-me-up hue that has been hyped as one of the celebrated colors of spring/summer time.

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Fashionista NOW: The Pinafore Dress Trend

Credit | Charlene O.

Who’d have thought that pinafores would be back in fashion.

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Fashionista NOW: Cut Out Dress Fashion Inspiration

Currently blazing hot as the equatorial weather, the cut out fashion trend is indeed.

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Fashionista NOW: Modern Tribal Print Fashion Trend Inspiration

Learn the real names of the tribal/ethnic prints you’ve been wearing and get instant style tips on how to go tribal stylishly.

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Fashionista NOW: Trendy Denim Overalls & Dungarees ~ How To Wear Them Right?

Denim dungarees or overalls are having a moment in the fashion spotlight.

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Fashionista NOW: Turn Heads With Turbands

Turbands are turban-inspired headbands that are making an appearance on heads of fashionistas worldwide ever since they were considered a glamorous and hip hair accessory to sport on rainy or humid days to cloak up frizzy and limp crowns alike.

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Fashionista NOW: The Color Trend ~ Sweet Coral Hues In Fashion

Coral is no stranger when it comes to being one of the celebrated shades for spring/summer fashion. The mix between orange and red have naturally given birth to this lovable sweet and feminine coral.

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Fashionista NOW: Spike Headband Fashion Inspiration

Don’t know what to do with the crown of your head? Looking for some cool hair accessory to get you by on those annoying bad-hair days? Check out spike headbands.

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Fashionista NOW: Six Fashion Trends I’m Not Keen About

Find out six fashion trends that are a sight for sore eyes. Keep in mind that these are just my subjective thoughts on an equally subjective topic that everyone has an opinion of!

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