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Fashionista NOW: My New Year’s Style Resolutions And Fashion Inspiration

My new year’s style resolutions are pretty basic and achieavable. Find out what they are.

The new year brings about feelings of doing away with the old and tired styles and embracing the new. Often, with resolutions fueled by yearly beginnings, we get excited only to have them forgotten a few weeks later. The trick is to approach it in doable goals that can be measured but well, life so often blurs our vision.

But let’s not make excuses for our worn out habits. I have compiled a few basic style resolutions of my own for the year and I’ve decided to share them with you, my dear awesome readers! Below you’ll find that I’ve broken down the list into 3 parts. Let me know what you think!

[ I will not buy leopard print tops anymore however tempted I get ]

As I write about my style resolution about NOT adding yet another leopard patterned top into my existing pile, here I am ogling these:


Embellish cut out frame sunglasses ← SHOP HERE


dressingpaula leopard print top ← SHOP HERE

Buy ALDO Nepean Flats | ZALORA Malaysia

Aldo leopard print flats ← SHOP HERE

Ogling aside, this year, I will make it a point NOT to get carried away with buying yet another leopard item because as of right now I have quite a few tops rendered in the wild animal print gathering dust in the closet. I’m not clear on the subconscious reasoning to this unexplained affinity I have with leopard-inspired tops. Let’s just sum up that it’s irrational and I know some of you will relate! So, 2015 will be the year I am putting my leopard obsession anything to rest.

| Richeen Siew

[ I will wear classic black shoes that will go with pretty much everything ]

I’ve experienced a phase in my life where when shoes are concerned, I buy them in the most vivid of styles; loud in color, design and embellishments. Since I have a complicated relationship with my feet, I thought shoes that are ‘out-there’ visually will somehow be a distraction and thus offer my feet a kind of a cloak. Haha!

To be honest, I really didn’t understand my brand of logic then and now that I’ve come to reflect because as you’ve probably read in fashion magazines and even here on the column that the trick in directing attention away from parts of the body we are not comfortable focusing is to wear something that is MUTED design-wise! Oh, how I’ve completely got that now. And oh, I must never ever forget that my true shoe size is Euro 40 / US 9 because walking in shoes one size smaller is mad ridiculous and I don’t even know why I put my feet through the senseless torture!

Anyway, aside from finally accepting the size of my poor feet, I’ll be sure to invest only in neutral black and flesh-toned footwear because they will no doubt pair well with any neutral/printed outfit. Here’s a roundup of the kind of shoe styles I like:

Ankle booties

River Island black cutout buckle boots ← SHOP HERE


Zalora grey patent oxford shoes ← SHOP HERE

Buy ZALORA Pointed Toe Ballerinas | ZALORA Malaysia

Zalora black pointed toe ballerinas ← SHOP HERE

Check out my selection of patterned ballerinas should you prefer footwear that makes a statement HERE.

Buy ZALORA Patent Oxford Dress Shoes | ZALORA Malaysia

Zalora black patent oxford shoes ← SHOP HERE

| Michelle K.

[ I will wear boxy cut tops ]

I’ve gradually moved away from body-fitting tops over the years and have found comfort in swing-style cami tops and also the boxy-style short blouses. This year will be about tops that are made to gently flow over my curves as opposed to hugging them tight. Here’s a roundup of boxy tops I will make part of my 2015’s wardrobe:

Buy Another Embroidered Sleeve Top | ZALORA Malaysia

Another embroidered boxy top ← SHOP HERE ( also available in red and white )

Buy ZALORA Luxe Tee | ZALORA Malaysia

Zalora luxe tee ← SHOP HERE

Buy ZALORA Kimono Sleeve Blouse | ZALORA Malaysia

Zalora kimono sleeve blouse ← SHOP HERE ( also available in navy blue and white )

If you’d like to purchase any of the items listed above, don’t forget to use code FESTIVEOFF18 to get 18% OFF on your order with NO MINIMUM SPEND on ZALORA. ( NEW offer ends FEB 15th, 2015 ) SHOP THE BOUTIQUE NOW :)

What do you think of my style resolutions? Do you relate to any of them? What about your own style resolutions — have you thought about changing it up this year? I’d love to know your thoughts so please share away below!

“My goal for 2014 is to accomplish the goals of 2013, which I should have done in 2012, because I promised them in 2011 and planned them in 2010.”Unknown Author

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