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Fashionista NOW: Chic Leopard Prints Fashion Inspiration

Obsessed with leopard prints but stuck with the same old style over and over again? Let us show you how to bring back the oomph in your leopard print look this season.

Leopard prints — being a hot extension of the animal print trend — can easily go into the over-and-done with territory, style wise.

The print by design has a particular look that leaves a strong impression visually that to repeat a leopard print outfit within a single week feels like you’re risking it.

While the combination of jeans and tees that is humanity’s signature casual outfit of choice is so mad common; in a sea of people clad in tees-and-jeans, you’ll just be one of them, camouflaged by conformity, if you’re similarly clad.

Place a wearer of leopard prints in that sea of laidback-ness (from which normcore is given birth to) he or she will naturally stand out. And once you’ve singled out the leopard print look, well then, the novelty abandons ship.

If you’re a leopard-loving fashion queen, we sense this must pose a serious wardrobe problem.

So, to bring back the novelty of wearing the animal print this season, find leopard patterns rendered in unconventional colors, mixed with other fabrics such as denim, lace or faux leather, artistically-inspired with brush or pencil strokes or transformed into a patchwork styling.

And instead of an all-over print decorating a top, look out for leopard prints that are utilized as a decorative feature instead. If all fails, pick footwear in leopard prints in the form of sporty trainers or slinky pumps.

For a look at how you can CONJURE newness into any leopard looks this season, scour the list of lookbooks and polyvore sets dedicated to bringing the edge back to this much-loved animal print fashion trend:

leopard print coat – Zara

leopard boots – Aldo

leopard print jumper – Townsen

leopard print shoes – Vans

pink leopard print long shirt – In Love With Fashion

faux fur leopard print boots – Kandee

red leopard print mini skirt – Dolled Up

leopard print denim shirt – Indressme

How anyone’s closet is devoid of leopard prints I will never understand.

The myriad of looks ready to be interpreted with the leopard motif being the focus (or accent) are endless.

You can go bold in a classic style with a single leopard print piece like this:

Be Bold

Or inject a pastel shade of your liking into your leopard-themed look in the spirit of spring/summer:

Denim Leopard Vest

Or intro an unexpected twist via dainty lace and let leopard print accessories be the spice to your getup:

Leopard & Lace

Are you already smitten by the leopard looks and outfit ideas shared here? Do you have a favorite? How would you choose to style your leopard-centered outfit? Share below and let us know!

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

Here on Fashionista NOW, our one and very own Miss Reverie showcases the latest in fashion trends and its various social implications in our everyday lives. You may read more of her at REVERIE SANCTUARY.

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