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Fashionista NOW: Spring Floral Tops Fashion Inspiration

Don’t want to look like a gaudy curtain in floral prints? We sure don’t want that either! Scour our list of on trend floral tops and accompanying outfit ideas for the chicest interpretation this year.

Pushing flowers to the forefront of a spring’s seasonal wardrobe is far from radical but every style queen knows that the floral trend gets an annual update by designers trying to live up to the present fashion zeitgeist, thus each year revitalizes each trend.

With the 90s trends like crop tops and chunky sandals making a bold comeback, the avenue is open to the mixing of the new with the old.

And often, in fashion, the ‘new’ has to be dressed up with the modern day’s trappings that are intertwined with influences from music, films and the lines of celebrities that the young equate with ‘cool’.

Although the fashion industry may appear superficial at times, we have to acknowledge that it enriches our lives somewhat.

Back to the topic at hand: Floral fashion trend this year gets bolder with the infusion of masculine designs, unconventional color combinations, experimental art-inspired techniques involving brush strokes and a mixture of floral patchwork with other print styles among other things.

For those inclined to wear demure and dainty floral looks, dresses with a touch of feminine romanticism are aplenty.

This year’s sporty chic style must not be underestimated as it opens up alternatives for intermixing unexpected trends together and what a fun way to play with juxtaposition of contrasting elements by injecting sportiness into a floral-imbued number.

As always, to the lookbooks below for my favorite take on the spring floral trend and a selection of chic floral tops in various covetable styles via my polyvore sets that may just be right up your alley:

floral crop top – Express

floral tee – Choies

floral top with peplum waist – Cameo

vintage pastel floral crop top – Vintage Tex

navy floral blouse – Sheinside

floral print blouse – Sheinside

Tops rendered in vibrant blossoms that scream spring/summer:

Tops in vibrant blooms

Chic floral crop tops that are so in season this year as fashion welcomes the 90s’ trend back with open arms:

Chic floral crop tops

Floral print gets funky with unconventional color remix and various fun silhouettes:

Favorite floral tops

Are you planning to go floral this season? Will you opt for the classic feminine route? Or are you hoping to toughen it up by giving it a sporty edge? Please share your thoughts below!

“I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.”Diana Vreeland

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