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Fashionista NOW: The Return Of The Crop Top Trend

The belly-baring trend that the cropped top is well known for is back again but before you say nah and especially for those who are not too keen on showing off flabby or toned abs, please read on.

Let’s face the fact that the crop top is a daring trend to sport if you are a lady who’s nearing the 3 decades of her life. Grown adults making a fashion statement by exposing the belly screams ‘desperation’ in general.

Instead of wearing the all-out cropped top that sheds light to your tummy region, choose a slouchy cropped top that only reveals a peek of skin and pair it with a high waisted skirt or a pair of shorts like Alyssa (in the picture above).

The crop top style is a casual trend that young fashionistas are wild about and they know how to rock it best because it is a trend that is aimed at the youthfulness of fresh young blood. For those who are young at heart, you can make the style wearable by wearing something underneath so as not to scare your neighbor.

For a chic look with crop top as a statement piece, you can pair it with harem pants (above) or dress it up with a pair of floral printed pants (below). The sleeveless crop top is obviously more casual than the long-sleeved one below.

Bonus fashion tip: We all want to look amazing like Danika in her chic ensemble but we don’t always feel great about flaunting our mid-section for pretty obvious reasons. The alternative way of rocking this look without flaunting our extended stomach is to wear a dark sheer tank top underneath.

If you’re still unsure of how that would look, learn from Ivy Xu. Wearing a maroon maxi skirt paired with a long sleeve crop top over a white tank top, she manages to transform the casual element of the crop top trend into something elegant. The knotted polka dot belt completes the whole look.

If you love all things lacy, you then, my dear, may just adore the black lace crop worn by Miss Cindy Ashes. She tones down the ladylike lacy detail of the top with a pair of black shorts, long cardigan and a pair of studded sneakers.

For those who want to try on the crop top without having to purchase one, try making your own D.I.Y crop top. Anastasia Siantar pairs her D.I.Y crop top with a pair of denim shorts for that laid back trendy look.

For an edgy look, wear a graphic crop top that has a longer posterior hemline and pair it with some funky looking cut-out leggings as seen above.

Watch this video to learn how you can create your own crop top from scratch using your old baggy t-shirts that are lying around aimlessly in your closet.

Are you excited to try the crop top fashion? Or is it too adolescent for your cup of tea? Drop your thoughts down below.

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