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Fashionista NOW: 12 Outfits Made Perfect By Brogues Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Shaira Luna

Brogues make YOU and your outfit a THOUSAND TIMES prettier – scour 12 outfits brogues make PERFECT!

The Guardian (UK) described brogues as a mannish footwear of choice for the ladies and added that along with unisex shirts and tailored jackets, they make for a wardrobe dripping with the charisma of a confident woman comfortable in her gentlewoman style. Fashion Beans suggested a switch-up to a lighter tanned pair of brogues for men as a transitional shoe option to greet the sunnier months. I’d say let us all wear brogues, no matter what!

My overall style is pretty basic when you get down to the very bones that make up the foundation of my go-to wardrobe. At heart, I’m innately casual, a tee-and-jeans gal and would rather be donning a relaxed ensemble all year long than dress pretty.

Brogues DRESS UP the slouch

What has this got to do with brogues? Well, they just go well with my slouchiest of outfits and remain one the very few dearest footwear choices I can’t ever say no to. Like all things we lean into without clear explanation like our love for burying ourselves in books and sipping coffee, it’s often best to keep things in moderation. I will report that my mental health state as a conscious consumer is still looking good, although I’ve just recently gone a tad mental when I found out of the existence of a one Tel-Aviv-based BangiShop!

On the bright side: I don’t fall into moodiness at the sight of shiny things waiting to be shopped for online and offline. In fact, I have done away with the habit of chucking things on the virtual cart and wish list! The progress is so real, I pat myself in the back as I type this.

The Brogues’ Witchery

Anyway, I’m of the mind that brogues have this magical quality about them. They truly do make any outfit they are paired with a little more charming and the person wearing them, a little more likable. Since I have not once met anyone clad in brogues obnoxious or high-minded, I conclude that brogues make everyone not only just seem friendlier but that big-hearted people are most often appreciative of brogues.

To prove that brogue-wearing folks are quite such darlings, I’ve curated 12 fashion sets made up of various outfits paired up with various styles of brogues, all of which are creatively-organized by the Polyvore peeps with links to their profiles made available under each of the sets for you to quickly send a message to and you’ll be sure to receive a reply and a request to be best friends for life! Don’t believe me? Give it a try!


Untitled #2388

| creative set by Vicky


| creative set by Astoria Chung

Embrace The Starry Eyed Moon [U.C.L tag]

| creative set by Jenny Wennberg

Untitled #1136

| creative set by katerina

Untitled #690

| creative set by fashion-princes


| creative set by yoyoyoyogangsterbobcat

live and let die

| creative set by eleonora

sweater weather

| creative set by zoeleoy

honey dripping

| creative set by ems

Baby, when I look in your eyes There's no way that I can disguise All these crazy thoughts in my mind now

| creative set by Ive got the magic in me

What do you think of the brogues’ outfit ideas shared here? Which one’s your favorite? How do you personally decide on what to wear with your cool brogues? Share below and let us know!

“Good shoes are important. I wear English brogues in a wide fitting. They last me years.”David Bailey

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