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Fashionista NOW: 12 Ways To Wear The Ugly Christmas Sweaters Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Pivonia Ivona

With normcore being the key fashion trend for 2014, it’s only apt that Christmas gets under its comfort-first-and-ugly-is-the-new-chic spell because what else embodies the spirit of a Christmas fashion anti-trend other than sweaters stamped in in-your-face patterns, right?

Now, if you think that wearing the ugly Christmas sweater is done in jest, an act of being ironic; well, it initially started that way but have progressed along the fashion evolution line where something that’s worn to goof out has officially moved into a solid must-have trend territory.

If you don’t have an ugly sweater to sport this Christmas, you may as well commit fashion suicide. After all, the ugly sweater fashion trend is all the rage now, you can’t feign outrage at being blindsided by the fashion lot once again. The rules keep changing and we make up new ones as we go along – kind of like life. Wait, it was the rage back in 2011 too, where was I?

What makes a Christmas sweater UGLY, you ask? Obviously, anything in fashion can’t be objectively labeled so simplistically, you ponder on righteously. According to many news sites and fashion portals, these are the common features of an ugly sweater to covet and wear for the holiday season:

  • Tacky, it must be. If it looks tacky, it’s IN. But what’s tacky?
  • Consider gaudy print of snowmen, Santas, elves, nutcrackers, snowflakes, reindeer, snow-covered mountains, raunchy slogans and other random cartoon-y characters (except for cats and pugs because those are too cute), sparkly sequins and glitter, embellished to the max with bows, ribbons and even jingly bells.
  • Loud in color. But what is objectively gaudy?

I fear there shall be no end to this. To keep it short and simple, check out the selected 12 fashion sets created by the Polyvore peeps below to find out their individual interpretation of sweaters so ugly they have no choice but to style it pretty:

'Ugly" Christmas Sweater - Edited
| v

Merry Christmas!

| Sophie Marie

that christmas sweater.

| Johanne Olesen

Styling an "Ugly" Christmas Sweater

| Salena

Ugly Christmas Sweater

| Taylor

Ugly Sweater Contest - And I Do Mean Ugly!

| BellaMimi1207

ugly sweater is cute tho

| Yuii Rusli

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

| Jackie Johnson

Ugly Christmas Sweater

| Acem Ayse Kose

Ugly Christmas Sweater

| Angela Windsor

Ugly Christmas Sweater

| bysc

Ugly Christmas Sweater

| detroitfashionista

Some of the sweaters are downright adorable and thus, just like beauty, ugly is in the eye of the beholder, no? Do you plan on wearing some type of the ‘ugly’ sweater look this holiday season? How do you personally define an ugly sweater? Let us know below!

“What good is there in being blind, you ask? Well, maybe it’s to see the beauty on the inside without being vainly distracted, or superficially blinded, by the ugly on the outside.”Criss Jami

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