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Fashionista NOW: Adorable Pug Prints Fashion Inspiration

Got a pet pug you absolutely adore? Love not one but all pugs and anything related to them for their supreme adorableness? Why not showcase your fanatical pug obsession by wearing pug printed clothes and lugging pug-inspired bags.

There’s no denying the level of cuteness that is portrayed when a pug gazes back at you with their big round eyes.

I must confess that I am biased to pugs and will not hesitate to rescue a pug in distress over a human being in a similar condition. Just kidding! I will rescue both with equal level of care after I make sure the cutie patootie’s alright.

Pug prints in fashion appeal to a very specific crowd that has a deep affinity for pugs beyond the aesthetics.

Unlike zebra or leopard prints, where one gladly wear them for their classic pattern styling rather than having an actual obsession with real zebras or leopards, pug-inspired clothing and accessories appeal to the fanatical of fans of the bouncy canine, like you and me.

Fun facts about pugs:

They originated from the Orient. According to the writings of Confucius, pugs were present as early as 551 BBC in China.

The Chinese emperors considered the short-nosed canine breed to be a prized possession that they were given ranks and protected by guards and servants.

Pugs of the time even had their own palaces! Because pugs were so loved and respected, they are often presented as gifts to very important people from Japan and Korea, thereby spreading the pug breed all over the word.

Pug history aside, let’s look at some of the delightful ways lookbookers are styling their pug-stamped tops and bags below:

pug print sweater – Pull & Bear

geek pug t-shirt – Not For Ponies

pug flag top – O-Mighty

pug purse – Amelie Street

skater pug t-shirt – H&M

pug print tee – River Island

Having a real pet pug as a fashionable companion to walk by your side is truly awesome too:

a cutie pug named Wellington

Searching for ridiculously aww-inducing tops that feature your favorite pugs in various levels of cuteness?Go completely mad below:

Heart-melting pug print tops

For pug statement baggies, to the selection below and yes, you’re most welcome!

Bags of pugs

Have you reignited your pug infatuation yet? If so, would you wear any of the pug printed tops shared above? Which one’s your favorite? Share your love for pugs and everything else down below!

“Pugs are like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one.” – Unknown

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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