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Fashionista NOW: Chic Light Blue Dress Fashion Inspiration

If there’s a color that can subconsciously bring our body temperature down a little bit during the excruciating heat wave, it’s got to be the lightest of blue. Allow us to help you find the perfect breezy blue dress.

Dresses in the softest shade of blue make me picture crystal blue water and the calming visual of never-ending blue sky.

According to psychologists who study the intricate interplay between color, mood and behavior, blue relates to calmness and open-endedness, both of which are comforting qualities.

Soft baby blue is a classic color of choice, no doubt, appealing to both males and females, from babies to mommies.

While royal blue is known for its energetic burst of energy and elegance, soft blue offers the gentlest of visual appeal. It is content being in the background, just like the expanse of blue up above us and the ocean.

With the heat going all nutty here in the equator and the haze turning the clear atmosphere into a smog garden, why not wear the lightest of blue dress as you step out in the evening when the temperature dips slightly?

As always, to the lookbooks below for tips on how to look your best in chic light blue dresses:

blue chiffon pleated dress – Oasap

blue bib dress – Urban Outfitters

light blue dress – French Connection UK

periwinkle blue dress – BB Dakota

baby blue dress – H&M

dress – Sukienkowo

thrifted baby blue dress

Check out the list of soft blue dresses that I am loving at the moment:

Light and airy blue dresses

Here’s a list of soft blue hued frocks rendered in small dainty prints:

Baby blue hued & daintily printed dresses

Don’t you feel at ease just browsing through the selection of baby blue dresses? Which of these dresses do you see yourself wearing? Any favorites? Share them below with us!

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time.”Moncy Barbour

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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