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Fashionista NOW: Junk Food Snackwave Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Zina CH

Is junk food your guilty pleasure? Since eating fast food on the daily can be quite nasty for your health, breathe a sigh of relief as you can opt to wear it instead!

It was fueled by Moschino’s McDonald’s-inspired ready-to-wear collection the previous year. Junk food is the new unisex print to don if you feel like waving the subtle middle finger to the diet-shaming counterpart. Tumblr-verse’s further engages the snackwave fashion subculture with the young and cynical sharing snapshots of themselves clad in pizza-laden garments as a statement that unhealthy eating habits of sane individuals are of nobody’s business. From then on, the act of dressing in a junk food motif takes a life of its own.

Snackwave is a term given by The Hairpin to refer to the so-called fad of sporting unhealthy food prints like hot dogs, burgers, pizzas and cupcakes through the wardrobe. The nonchalance oozed via clothes rendered in graphic junk food imagery is of course catered to those of the young age bracket who can live and breathe pizzas and fizzy drinks without the fear of a protruding belly bulge.

It is also an out-of-the-box element in fashion already utilized in Balmain’s Spring 2015 campaign with supermodels posing with burgers in their hands as though ready to take a gobble at anytime. As 2013/2014 saw food easing itself into the fashion scene and delegated as one of the go-to creative props, 2015 is predicted to be the year where unhealthy snacks get to solidify their presence under the fashion spotlight.

Gathered from the space where global streetstylers showcase their dressing craft, here’s a roundup of our favorite food-themed looks featuring fries, burgers, pizzas and hot dogs.

| Whitney Paige

| Vince Canlapan

| Anna K.

| Sabrina B.

| Chariza Miranda

| Nikita Wong

| Shareen Sarwar-Rubiera

| Marion Lemos

| Sabrina Carder

Dogs, literally wedged in a sliced bun

For those looking to infuse yet another clever tongue-in-cheek twist in your wardrobe, check out Forest Krump‘s hot dog skirt below:

While I do find some of the food printed pieces here attention-grabbing in that quirky graphic sort of way, I fail to see the appeal of wearing exorbitantly-priced (or cheap) McDonald’s-themed anything, let alone snacking at the fast food joint! Sorry Moschino and McDonald’s!

Am I alone? What do you think? Share below and let me know your thoughts, please!

“Families are struggling against a tide of junk information on junk food.”Diane Abbott

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