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Fashionista NOW: Is Pantone’s Marsala Another Weak Burgundy Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Tamara Kalinic

Trawling fashion forums had me finding out that Pantone’s new color for 2015 is marsala. If you find yourself in a blur about the character of the color that comes packaged in an exotic name, you are certainly not alone. My review on marsala to follow!

When I first read that marsala is the color of 2015 as dictated by Pantone, I admit the only thought I had in mind was that it sounded like the marsala (or masala) spice used in the making of a juicy tandoori chicken. Well, ironically, marsala’s an Italian red wine used also to cook chicken! I wonder how much of the color analysis discussion revolves around a buffet table.

Which is all fine as food does inspire great visions until I realized that the struggle to distinguish marsala from other deep shades of red was real. It is to be noted that some segment of the population has already vigorously compared the color to the 80s’ mauve used to decorate living rooms, implying that the spirit of the contemporary times are fashioned under a slavery of endless repetition.

Others, like myself, feel like Pantone has grown mellow (considering their previous years’ penchant for cheery hues) or simply out of ideas because marsala is clearly a diluted burgundy red mixed with barely-brown dirt.

My definition of MARSALA as filtered by my eyeballs:

It is earthy in a way the brown of the wet soil is not. Powdery, it is kind of, and its red is just shy of a full-bodied burgundy. So pray tell, what is the defining appeal in such a color? I’m afraid it all boils down to a pretty vague brick red vibe that could be nice, I guess.

When I mentioned the existence of such color in passing to family members like it was major news they had to listen to, they were all as excited as a flock of sheep munching on grass on a lazy evening when chewing is done because there is nothing else to do. My mother commented with a wisdom of Yoda, “Matter, does it, really?” Words to the effect, I assure you.

Now, that’s how you cleverly cap a conversation. The fashion community however, has a lot to say. What about you? Are you thrilled about the color? Thoughts in the comments, please!

On lookbbok, a search on the keyword marsala reveals only 3 results with two clearly are deep burgundy except for a skirt worn by Kalinda Kano which has the look of Pantone’s marsala:

The rest of the looks I’ve compiled below are my attempts at finding marsala in the sea of burgundy, Bordeaux, red wine and oxblood. Let me know if you agree (or disagree) that the shades of burgundy red below could readily be mistaken (or rebranded as) for marsala:

Should you find marsala an unfit color for your 2015, know that muted coral reef, Guildford green and gray have been officially named by Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore and Paint Quality respectively as their color(s) of the year for 2015.

What do you think of these annual color trends? Drop all of your thoughts about marsala below – I’d love to know what you think!

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