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Fashionista NOW: 12 Favorite Trends Recap For 2014 Fashion Inspiration

Credit | SaeA Eom

A roundup of 12 fashion trends that have made 2014 their year to shine.

2014 has been about the return to comfortable silhouettes and the 90s fashion revival. It’s a year that’s introduced boxy shapes, fuller skirts, awkward midi lengths and solidifies a versatile way of dressing in outfits made up of neutral color palettes of black, gray, beige, cream and white.

Although it’s been said that the year’s fashion is devoid of unique characteristics and that radiant orchid as a the color of the year is pretty much a flop, we do appreciate the return to sensibilities.

So, without further ado, let’s recap the 12 fashion trends that have made the spotlight this year:

Turtleneck Comeback

| Diana Z. Wang

Why it’s loved: The neck of the top has been designed to be less restrictive to your neck with the fabric being soft to make sure the wearer’s kept warm and stylish while staying cozy.

Why it’s loathed: Only to be worn when temperatures are low with very little humidity.

Adorable Cat Face Motif

| Mushroooooom H.

Why it’s loved: Cats are cute and you don’t have to be appreciative of all things kawaii to find the trend oh so adorkable!

Why it’s loathed: Can’t be worn on business settings unless it is very liberal-minded fashion-wise.

Orthopedic Style Chunky Sandals

| Nicole Chomsky

Why it’s loved: The platform-y sole with great traction ensures your walk to be tumble-free. Since the toes will be exposed, you may paint them in fun colors.

Why it’s loathed: It reminds people of the elderly footwear of choice recommended by the doctor and serious common sense.

90s Choker Necklaces

| Lee

Why it’s loved: It’s cool to have an almost tattooed look around the neck. Fits snugly around the neck you don’t even know it’s there.

Why it’s loathed: Might be itchy if you’re allergic to the material it’s made off or if you are not fond of things around your neck.

Birkenstocks Madness

| Lana Tiotuyco

Why it’s loved: A pretty comfortable sandal to slip your feet into on hot days. It has a laid-back take-it-easy look plus you get to show off cute painted toe nails.

Why it’s loathed: Useless when walking in the rain. When it gets wet, it’s drenched.

Mirrored Sunnies

| Nilu Yuleena Thapa

Why it’s loved: They can act as a mirror for yourself and others.

Why it’s loathed: When people can’t gauge whether you’re lucid because of the mirrored lens, you become the subject of annoyance.

Fluffy Tulle Skirts

| K T R

Why it’s loved: It makes you feel extra feminine and can’t explain why the need to twirl presents itself.

Why it’s loathed: It may be too princessy for some. Itchiness may be triggered if you’re allergic to the fabric.

Acid Wash Jackets

| Hope Bidinger

Why it’s loved: Very 90s and oh so grunge-looking, perfect for both men and women.

Why it’s loathed: Some people find acid wash anything to be punk-ish.

Sleek Black Culottes

| Esther L.

Why it’s loved: It looks like a flared skirt, great on hot days when your legs need a break from form-fitting wear.

Why it’s loathed: The awkward length has been the subject vigorously-discussed and dismissed as a trend not made the average people.

Dark Paisley

| Julia Hellflower

Why it’s loved: It has a retro hippie feel and a wearable print look that is neutral for both genders.

Why it’s loathed: Some people find it too dowdy, visually-busy and thus unpalatable to their sense of style.

Vibrant Pink

| Elizabeth Keene

Why it’s loved: Pink is such a pick-me-up color. It draws your attention in and can perk up any neutral wardrobe.

Why it’s loathed: For some, pink is well, an undesirable color often associated with the strengthening of gender lines. Women wear pink. Real men don’t, that sort of garbage.

“Ugly” Christmas Sweaters

| Maria Joanna

Why it’s loved: It’s colorful and cute, a statement-making piece to spread good cheer.

Why it’s loathed: Gaudiness is the word to describe the trend for those who prefer a much subdued holiday sweater.

So ladies, what 2014 fashion trends do you love and would like to extend their stay well into the next year? Share below and let us know!

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