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Fashionista NOW: Chic In Turtleneck Fashion Inspiration

The turtleneck is cool, again and it’s no joke. Wear it right and you’ll be alright.

The turtleneck trend for youth mostly seems to edge into the dork-y territory.

However, near the end of 2012 and well into the previous year, turtlenecks were back into the good books of fashion.

Iconic female public figures who made wearing turtlenecks a trademark include the late Katherine Hepburn and Diane Keaton.

Psy, the Gangnam guy, if you’ve noticed, has an affinity for the neck-warming top. The late Steve Jobs made turtlenecks a staple of his signature look that he had a hundred of black mock turtlenecks designed by his friend, Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

Not that the two men had anything to do with the renewed interest in the turtlenecks amongst the young, mind you, but fashion is always kind of bipolar.

And the movement of time does funny things to people and their perception on clothing. What was considered to be the death of style then, is now the next hot thing to be caught wearing.

And anyway, where is the fun in wearing a turtleneck if you’re reduced to endure a feeling like being strangled by a really weak guy, all day, to quote the late comedian, Mitch Hedberg, who’d confessed to having a weak neck.

Weak neck malady aside, it would be the sure death of common sense to wear a turtleneck in a tropical country unless you spend most of the time in a heavily air-conditioned environment.

I personally find some turtleneck styles to be stuffy to wear. The one that I have is an absolute nightmare and I loathe neck-strangling necklines. Rest assured though, these days there are aplenty to choose from as fashion designers finally get it that some necks are larger than others.

And now that you and I won’t be labelled a dweeb for wearing a turtleneck, let’s just pluck some inspiration from the looks below. Hype if you like!

vintage turtleneck sweater

black turtleneck blouse – Zara

turtleneck top – River Island

vintage turtleneck sweater

turtleneck knit sweater – Hallhuber

black turtleneck crop top – Shop Akira

oversized knit turtleneck sweater – Lindex

Are you a fan of turtlenecks? Which of these is your favorite look? Share below, it’s FREE.

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“Some people think fashion is frivolous but it’s not… it’s just that some ideas come and go quickly, and that’s the nature of the language of fashion.”Douglas Coupland

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