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Fashionista NOW: Radiant Orchid Fashion Inspiration

Move over emerald, radiant orchid’s in the house.

The new year has the spotlight shining on a pinky purple-y hue, endearingly called, the radiant orchid. Pantone, the world’s color authority has just recently crowned it as the major color of the year and if you don’t like it, surely, you’ve no obligation to wear it.

Now that shades of green have expired their stay and had their relevancy officially declared null in the color trend department, we can all breathe a sigh of relief and begin to adopt a new dazzling attention-getter of a hue into our collective wardrobes to kick-start the year with confidence and real optimism.

What in the world is a ‘radiant orchid’ color?

Well, radiant orchid is a fancy schmancy name for a derivative purple shade, that is laced with fuchsia and rosy undertones. Some may call it the awkward purple, others may roll their eyes and confessed to being afflicted with a sudden episode of color blindness.

So, for the sake of easy understanding and a quick climb into the ranks of the fashionably updated, just wear purple of any shade that flatters your complexion.

Paint your nails in periwinkle. Smear lilac eye shadow generously. Get your boring beige office walls repainted in deep magenta. And if anyone dares to initiate a conversation regarding the sudden change in color preference, tell them to wait until you’ve sipped a cup of lavender tea. See what I did there? Nope? Eh, never mind.

Will you automatically dazzle if you wear radiant orchid?

From the lightest to the darkest of purple, I believe the radiance of the wearer herself (and himself) shall speak for itself, just as is the case with any color-focused ensemble. The color of your clothes can only do so much when you’re wearing a lethal tantrum face, so please do take a chill pill.

As for the hue’s magical power to inspire a spark of innovation and creativity, we’d be wise to take such a statement with a grain of salt.

Wonder how to wear radiant orchid and an array of other purple shades without offending the fashion police? Kindly scroll down for a quick visual feast:

purple top – Lulu’s

purple waterfall cardigan

purple coat – Topshop

purple dress – Mixmoss

purple coat – Gianfranco Ferre

purple vintage dress

purple smock dress – Mod Dolly

purple pleated dress (worn as top) – Sisley

Are you ready to go nuts with purple this year? Is radiant orchid a cool color for 2014? Or do you just not give a hoot? Please share your comments below.

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“Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.”Regina Brett

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