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Fashionista NOW: Gray Outerwear Fashion Inspiration

As the world goes temporarily cray-cray to the celebration of the new year, we end our last entry for 2013 with a subdued gray color trend in outerwear.

Gray or grey, is the intermediate color between white and black. It is the color you see in clouds. Gloomy rain clouds, in particular carry various shades of gray, from the darkest to the lightest of gray.

It is unusual for the neutral gray to carry a perfect balance of white and black as it’s often mixed with with blue, green, pink, mauve or yellow where each color has the ability to affect the mood of somber gray, by uplifting it.

While, it’s easier to refer to gray, as a color, it is technically a color without a color, specifically referred as achromatic. In color symbolism, gray is stated to be unemotional, detached, impartial – the picture of a fence-sitter.

Positive qualities associated with it include, reliable, solid, stable, calming, mature and professional, just to name a few.

As the year draws to an end, there is a spirit in the air of people wanting to be the better versions of themselves.

It seems cliche, and for cynics everywhere, it pretty much is.

To keep our feet and minds planted on the ground, know that every day presents the opportunity for us to rise above the tide, for self renewal. So, don’t limit ourselves to the constraint of a yearly demarcation. Time is fluid. Party, if you must, but keep it real.

While the world of fashion busies itself around the pursuits of vanity, idealism and its excessive consumerism, we must be honest to admit that appearances do matter up to a point and certainly not to the expense of blowing up your savings and losing your mind.

And as with many things in life, moderation smacks right in the heart of it, if you truly care for healthy living.

On that note, this post shall end with a simple and humble gray outerwear trend that symbolizes the classic elegance of a cold weather staple.

To help give you an idea of outfits to pair with gray outerwear, as always, just scroll down below for a visual feast:

gray coat – Monki

gray knit sweater – Joa Closet

gray coat

gray oversized cardigan – Asos

gray cape

gray cardigan – Romwe

Happy new year to you, dear reader and here’s to a splendid 2014!

“Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.”Brad Paisley

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