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Fashionista NOW: The 90s Choker Fashion Inspiration

The 90s jewelry trend known as the choker is back. Learn ways to style your outfit as you wear the neck-hugging accessory this season.

Choker necklaces were a big part of growing up in the 90s besides having Jonathan Brandis as a first child crush.

I remember going berserk over chokers (and Jonathan Brandis) but alas, the 90s marked a time in my life where the concept of fashion was just too far out from my developing mind that looking at old photos of that period in time now still induces mild trauma. Such fashion sense, I had (not).

Traumatizing experiences aside; staying true to the repetitive fashion cycle, designers with their annual predictions arrive at the conclusion that the 90s choker necklaces shall be under the great fashion spotlight this year.

While the choker style of the 90s are cropping back up like mushrooms after the rain, designers are giving the trend a fresher contemporary interpretation with a minimalistic approach as evident on the understated designs of the thin (or broad) gold or silver bands, crystal-encrusted cuffs and their open-ended wrap-style necklace cuffs.

In this piece, however, we will stick with the original choker style that has won the hearts of many fashion mavens and if you’re wondering where to find chokers online for under RM60 and how to wear the choker trend, please scroll down below as per usual:

leather choker

studded choker – Romwe

pendant choker

More ways to sport the choker trend whilst keeping it super monochromatic via polyvore:

// and the worst part is before it gets any better we're headed for a cliff//

Marry new and old fashion elements together in one look. The monochrome stripe cropped top paired with a mini black skirt sets the chic tone of this outfit.

The plastic plaited choker and the round retro sunglasses take us straight back into the 90s and those black boots make walking in the rain this monsoon season so much better.

Untitled #2478

The immersion of tartan and laser cut trends in this getup is on point.

The parka’s optional in this tropical part of the world but those platform boots and the velvet choker are a must if one is serious about bringing back some 90s fashion sensibilities in an outfit.

Quick tip: If your choker has a dangling pendant, wear a top/dress with an open neckline so as to allow it to make an appearance. High neck in a solid neutral color is wearable if you don’t mid letting the pendant to sit over the fabric.

Untitled #4552

And here’s another black and white outfit at your disposal. Team a plaid shirt with retro batwing sleeves with a pair of fuss-free jeans, slip your feet into a pair of 90s style chunky boots and adorn your neck with a sun charm choker.

Chokers on fire

SHOP This STURDY Black Tattoo Choker That Hugs Your Neck Just Right & Doesn’t Break On You.

Are you already hoarding a bunch of chokers in your jewelry closet? Do you like the retro velvet ribbons and stretchy tattoo-style choker designs that were a trademark of the trend during the 90s or the updated version of necklace cuffs? Share below and let us know!

“Any opportunity to adorn oneself is human, and accessories are an easy way to do it.”Marc Jacobs

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