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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Dark Paisley Prints Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Sammy Nuyda

For those on a hunt for a versatile print that is not only Autumn-friendly but all-year relevant, paisley print is where it’s at.

This timeless print was given a highlight in a previous piece I wrote last year coincidentally within the same month that I am currently in the mood for paisley. It feels like an October print go-to. For those who find bold in-your-face patterns rather intimidating to sport, rest assured as the paisley motif in dark muted hues could just be a wardrobe savior.

But first, what exactly is a paisley? If you find it hard to identify the print style, let me try and make it easy for you to spot it.

The paisley has a signature droplet pattern or a twisted teardrop shape and it has Iranian and Indian roots. In India, the paisley pattern is called a mankolam and is modeled after a mango and associated with the Lord Ganesha. In Persian language, it is called a boteh whilst in Azerbaijan and Kashmir, the name to describe the motif is buta (which is perceived as a fire symbol).

The name ‘paisley’ is a western one derived from a town of Paisley, in West Scotland where paisley textiles were first produced in the western world.

In Malaysia, paisley is worn by both men and women as part of a traditional wear at first and the motif has been used by contemporary designers as it eased its way into the modern masses’ hearts. This year, Etro, an Italian luxury fashion house showcased the abundant use of the paisley motif in their very bohemian-inspired designs in their ready-to-wear Fall 2014 collection.

Without further ado, here are some of my fav ways of incorporating the versatile motif into a statement-making wardrobe this season as illustrated by the fashion imagery below:

paisley kimono – Oasis | Herz über Kopf

paisley blouse – Lipsy | Rhea P.

top – Gypsy Warrior | Kiara Schwartz

thrifted paisley skirt | Marissa Jennings

paisley button-up | Lindsey

MORE paisley-inspired outfit ideas:

Bez naslova #130

| creative set designed by Amila


| creative set designed by Naz Sefik

Fall Outfit Styled Under $200 (contest)

| creative set designed by maxfield


| creative set designed by Intro

Do you have in your closet clothing or accessories made up of the enchanting paisley prints? Fancy any of the paisley-inspired looks and outfit ideas shared here? If so, which one? Tell us how would you go about styling the paisley print trend?

PS: Stargazers alert, let us all catch the sight of a rare blood moon eclipse this evening. If you’re in Malaysia, get ready prior sunset with the right equipment.

“Whenever a generation is challenged, it retaliates with a unique style.” Masaba Gupta

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6 comments to Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Dark Paisley Prints Fashion Inspiration

  • Paisley print is such a gorgeous pattern because of the delicate and intricate details and deign of each paisley. I love looking at paisley prints with hints of reds and purples in it because of the almost royal vibe I get from it! I don’t think I have anything paisley printed, but if I did, I would style it like how user Maxfield styled it: a shawl over a loosely fitted dress with killer wedges! I hope you get a glimpse and a picture of the blood moon tonight! (:

    Diane ||

    • Unfortunately I did not get to see the blood moon as the sky was too cloudy and hazy here. Maxfield’s dark look is pretty awesome and I can see you wearing it especially with those killer booties hehe :) Thank you for popping by Diane! xx <3

  • Intro

    Hi! Lovely blogpost and thank you for featuring my set!

  • maxfield

    Wow! I think this just might be the first time a Max set has appeared in a blog! You are so sweet to include this particular one, since I am in LOVE with paisley. I could LIVE with paisleys hanging from my walls and covering my bed and furniture (well, maybe with a few tartans and stripes mixed in!) Max sends his sweet love, and I thank you most warmly. Gorgeous blog, design, and suggestions too!!! xoxox

    • Haha, your comment about living with paisley tickled me, thank you for that! It is one of my loved prints! Thank you for popping by, your comment made my day! Send my love to Max and have a splendid time being his human :) xoxoxo

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