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Fashionista NOW: Soft Pastel Vintage Fashion Ideas

To tell you the honest truth, I don’t wear soft pastel-colored clothing, but I am gradually changing my mind after I bumped into a sweet-looking young lady in the supermarket who looked like she actually dropped out from pastel vintage heaven.

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Fashionista NOW: How To Get The Rockstar Look?

The rockstar look can be achieved even if you’re not in a real rock band. What about the rockstar style that captures people’s attention? If you really think about it, it’s the presence that comes from their appearance, personality and the aura of confidence and the sexiness that they exude.

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Fashionista NOW: Wearable Gothic Styles

Goth styles for wearable casual day or night look can be achieved by toning down the dramatic aspect of the fashion which can be very theatrical. At this day and age, you can take any fashion category of your liking and turn it into your brand of fashion if you are bold and creative. While the color black has been the theme color for Gothic fashion, we have seen the insertion of other bright colors that makes it much more captivating.

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Fashionista NOW: Gothic Fashion Introduction

I recall the fascination with the colour black (or the complete lack of colour) back in my late teen years which was a signature period of gloom and melancholy. Didn’t take a fashion magazine to convert me into Gothic fashion lover.

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Fashionista NOW: Valentine’s Day Fashion Expression

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.” ~Author Unknown

Valentine’s day is peeking around the corner and while some of us may have already got a clue on what to wear, there are others who may be still be in search for the right fashion statement to celebrate the romantic outing with their beloved half.

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Fashionista NOW: Vintage Fashion Crave – What’s It All About?

Vintage fashion is technically defined as consisting of clothing that are new or second hand garments that come from a previous time. The word “vintage” originally came from its use in the wine terminology and now is used in fashion as a more classy or elegant way to say “old” clothes.

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Fashionista NOW: Why Meggings Are Hated With Passion?

“This season, menswear has been taken to new levels of skinniness. Guys, wince and whimper a painful “hello” to man-leggings, or “meggings”. –Guardian.

In the streets of Malaysia, it’s not uncommon to see the ladies sporting their favorite leggings underneath casual or formal dresses, long blouses or even shirts layered with long cardigans or jackets.

Nowadays, the male counterparts are joining in the skinny fashion parade by wearing the male leggings – more popularly known as meggings. I should warn you that here’s a style that you will either love to death or hate hate hate.

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Fashionista NOW: How To Choose The Perfect Leggings?

Learn how to choose the perfect leggings with some practical fashion tips.

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Fashionista NOW: Bohemian Fashion Fever – Boho-chic Basics

Let’s go boho-chic ladies! I must be having a bohemian fever. Every time I window shop, I see boho-inspired clothing and accessories everywhere and I’m tempted to go full-blown boho. The only thing that’s stopping me is the balance on my bank account. And then I stumbled into the boho-chic fashion arena that infuses the crazy all-out elements of the hippie and the elegance that can be teased out by mixing your own unique styles with it. Do I love it? You bet I do.

Boho-chic by definition is a female fashion style that takes on a variety of bohemian and hippie influences. I personally feel that it crosses into the gypsy fashion. The word “chic” – which means stylish/elegant is a French word that became popular in the late 19th.

In this piece we shall find out how you can achieve the boho-chic look without breaking into a sweat.

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Fashionista NOW: Ladies, Are You Mad About Bags?

Bags come in different shapes and sizes, patterns and designs and I am confident that there are as many bag lovers as shoes fanatics out there. Personally, I am more of a bag person. I just love bags in all of their limitless varieties.

In the fashion world, the bag is considered as an accessory that should complement or give an accent to your look but does not act as a source of distraction. In other words, we don’t want the bag to crimp out our style.

In this piece we shall take a look at a number of bag styles and find out more about these arm candies.

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Fashionista NOW: A Look At Batik Fashion

Batik is defined technically as a specific method using wax to dye fabrics to create a variety of floral and natural designs. In Malaysia, batik is associated with the national identity and whenever there is any fashion show that focuses on the culture and tradition of the country, you can be sure to catch models wearing batik clothing.

Batik influences have gone all around the globe and no one can exactly pinpoint a single place that originally gave birth to the unique art of textile dyeing. While island of Java, Indonesia has been said to have played a big role in introducing the art of batik, fragments of ancient history found in the first century Egyptian tombs pinpointed to Indian origin.

History aside, in Indonesia, batik art and clothing back in the ancient old days were reserved only for royalty and families of wealth and status.

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Fashionista NOW: Inspirational Bohemian Fashion Accessories Ideas

Bohemian fashion is always related to the free-spirited attitude of the person/wearer that strives on limitless creativity and independence. I often think it is about practicality mixed in with individual eccentrics, dashed with an appreciation of the subjective expression of art and beauty and an inclination for the unconventional.

Philosophy aside, the boho fashion is all fun and freedom. Basically, you put on layered clothing of diverse patterns using themes of flora/fauna/abstract – which are not too expensive that it drills a hole in your pocket, and accessories that are preferably earth-friendly to flaunt the arty-farty side of you.

And here, we shall take a sneak peek on boho inspired accessories and items that you wear in the spirit of the Bohemian!Let’s go!

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