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Fashionista NOW: Neo Grunge Fashion Inspiration

It’s out from the mouth of ‘fashion’ herself, grunge is back with a diluted version of gritty I-don’t-give-a-hoot elements and this fall, if you opt to bring 90s grunge back via your wardrobe, count yourself right on track.

Before grunge was what we call it now, a trend, it was what folks wear for the sake of practicality. People borrow clothes of others just to keep the tear in their pockets and wallets at a minimal while getting on with their lives. It was not a style that comes from willful purpose. It just was what you chuck on to get on.

If anything, the grunge ‘look’ during its birthing years was mighty raw all around, from greasy hair, on-the-rush makeup to the signature slouch galore from ill-fitting duds embellished with rips and tears. It was but a reflection of reality of life for its wearers.

Nowadays, grunge is stripped off of all that grime where on fashion runways squeaky clean models parade wearing grunge-inspired pieces designed by mega brand designers.

Not that there’s anything wrong if it’s all within your budget but the new grunge has moved into a clean and minimal chic territory. Note that the shedding of pre-Grunge years’ maximalism in dressing into the minimalism of the 90s wardrobes was inevitable.

The new grunge of today is a blend of the old and the present, the latter comes with an added casual sophistication that reflects the current fashion tide.

If you’re wondering how to work a modern grunge look into your wardrobe and mix it up with clean lines of today’s style, scroll on right after the jump:

printed leggings – Romwe

plaid shirt – Dad’s | black dress – Mom’s | studded bag – eBay | creepers – Underground

tartan blazer and shorts, tee, shoes and bag – Motivi

sheer plaid shirt | puffer jacket | grey jeans | patent loafers

shirt – Dries van Noten | ripped skirt – Acne

plaid shirt – Zara | boyfriend shorts – H&M | cutout buckle boots – Balenciaga

skeleton print tee – Banggood | plaid shirt – Internacionale | jeans – New Look

tartan button-up – Lavish Alice | buckle booties – Jeffrey Campbell

Remember: If your pants, skirts or tops are looking rather sad, ripped and tattered after years of wear, never throw them out!

If a friend notices a hole in your shirt and starts advising you to get new clothes, tell him/her to pipe down and declare with pride that you’re on grunge mode!

Do you like the new grunge looks? Any of these outfits make you want to dig through your closet for that old plaid tee and countless slouchy tattered shirts? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!

“If your clothes are filled with naturally-occurring holes, stains and wrinkled at weird places, do not get upset. Pair them with intact clothes and you’ll soon be the talk of the town!”Yours Truly, Me

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