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Fashionista NOW: Chic In All White Fashion Inspiration

White’s chic. Instead of wearing a single item of white in your wardrobe, let’s go all out with white!

One of the common reasons some people shy away from wearing white is that if any food (or other stuff that has the power to stain) should befall upon that majestic white piece of clothing or accessory, it is just going to stick out like a sore posterior that’s clad in leggings teamed with a top that’s too short to cover the behind.

So, you might as well be wearing leggings as pants and annoy the rest with taste and please some strange men (and women).

Beyond the ruined white number, your pride gets wounded because of a moment of reckless abandonment while eating a ketchup-dripping cheese-packed beef sandwich.

No one wants to be the subject of attention due to a presence of a uniquely smeared tomato ketchup pattern that decorates a previously angelic white pleated dress. Now everyone’s going to think that you’re a drunk and that the stain is not as innocent-looking at it seems!

Because of this, I honestly do feel the pain of the butterfingered. My advice: If you’re innately clumsy, don’t eat anything or do anything except stand as poised as the queen of England while wearing an all white getup. Good luck!

The Too Pale for White/Too Tan for White Conundrum

The pale-skinned gets washed out while the tan-skinned finds the contrast jarring for comfort.

The first one’s understandable and can be fixed by mixing up the white number with something of color and choosing a shade of white that goes with their undertone. The latter’s a matter of the mind which is not as easily swayed by external’s suggestions.

Ultimately, you’ve got to experiment with the different shades of white to find one or two shades that will look pretty good on you. If you think that there’s only a single white color, you’ll be amazed to find out that there’s about 28 shades of white!

Also, experiment with different textures through the presence of lace, knit or jacquard for instance, to give your all white ensemble a more exciting edge and dimension.

So, if you’d like to try an all white look which is for the most part white but may be accented with a neutral colored shoe, for example), go on: I know you’d want give this page a scroll.

new romantics shift dress – Shakuhachi

sheer floral blouse, embossed skirt – Romwe | purse – Choies

lace sporty skirt – Sugarlips

top – H&M | pants – Elizabeth and James

blazer – Mango | skort – Zara | heels – Stradivarius

tunic dress – YesStyle | studded cap – Romwe

shirt – Forever 21 | jeans – Zara

What do you think of these all white looks? Would you be swayed to sport any of them? How would you wear your all white outfit? Share with us below!

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