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Fashionista NOW: Cake-Inspired Fashion Ideas

Attention, cake lovers out there – have you ever thought of organizing your wardrobe according to the colors and textures of your favorite cake?

Taking a slice from Dotthy Wong’s cake-inspired outfits on lookbook, I hope you’ll find the rounded up looks below my little rant (more like an advice to young teens) as inspirational as I do.

**Rant begins:

No one is ever that ORIGINAL, clothing wise.

I find that young girls tend to get possessive over a certain ‘look’ that they’re wearing so much so that it has the power to trigger a hostile mentality that strives on petty competition over who has the coolest look, best new accessories, highest priced gadgets, yadda yadda.

Fashion appeals to our vanities. Among developing teens with fragile identities, it’s too easy to attach ‘new clothes, ‘statement looks’ with a sense of self and lose perspective.

If you’re a teenager who is fashion-aware and love dressing to the nines even if you’re just going out to the corner shop, ask yourself these question:

Are you way obsessed with fashion to the point that that you’ve become lethally competitive among your peers?

Do you often feel like someone you’re closed with is ‘copying’ your ‘look’ style wise?

Do you feel like your trademark look is yours and yours alone that you get extremely upset thinking that your buddy is stealing your style?

Yes to all? Let’s check in back to reality, shall we?

Nobody’s ‘look’ is ever going to be original enough. To take it to the extreme, just look at Lady Gaga and her out-of-this-world outfits. Now every Hollywood celebrity (not all, of course) wears the same kind of no-pants-on swimsuit style on stage!

Did you hear Madonna cry a river over Gaga ‘copying’ her signature look? Nope, thank goodness.

Don’t fight over clothes, it’s not classy.

In the end, your personality is what should triumph over these external trappings.

It’s all great to be the first one to ever sport pair of bold brocade leggings in your small town. It can make you feel like you’re something special. It’s superficial, but you can’t help it.

In the ancient days, people wear leaves to cover sensitive regions. Imagine being that person who has to hoard leaves of a certain tree because that’s your ‘style’? Ridiculousness on all levels and worse, you may just end up as food for dinos.

So when by chance, you notice a neighbor starts wearing the same type of leggings, take a deep breath, stay calm and get over yourself.

Understand that ‘fashion’ is so mass-marketed that every Tom, Jane and Nancy will have ensembles that are just by negligible degrees ‘different’. Remember, it’s just fashion and just like makeup, you have to be comfortable with who you are minus all that weight.

**Rant ends.

Anyway, here are those delicious cake-inspired outfit ideas to get you to hit the refresh button on your wardrobe anytime you feel like you need to.

Banana Oatmeal Crumb Cake

scarf – Snidel | bag – Dazzlin | pumps – Ingni

Rose Cake Pops

cardigan, ribbon print skirt, shoes – Dazzlin

Pandan Chiffon Cake

forest green knit – Lowrys Farm

Cherry Blossom Cake

cardigan, dress, belt – Dazzlin | bag – Snidel | shoes – Joy & Peace

Nutty Orange Coffee Cake

checkered pinafore – Secret Magic

Carrot Cake Waffles

bunny shoes – Le Bunny Bleu | kitty bag – Dazzlin

Do any of these looks make you crave for creamy spongy cakes? You’re not alone!

If you’re going to style your outfit based on a cake, what type of cake would that be? Drop cake names down below!

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