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Fashionista NOW: Military Sleek Fashion Inspiration

Being a female is truly a blessing when it comes to fashion. What’s in men’s closet, we get to raid and transform into something that’s completely gender-blurred.

Referring to the military-inspired trend that’s the fuss amongst the fashion-obsessed, it’s always nice to get a perspective of how originally, military wear was (and is) exclusively worn by men (and then later, women) for very dire reasons that did not have an inkling to do with fashion and prancing around in the latest duds flashing a duckface at the camera at all. Not even close.

Putting it into the context of pure vanity, this year, the military fashion trend makes a predicted and an almost annual comeback as one of the hottest fall fashion trends.

Considering that green is the awarded shade of the year, military earthy green takes center attention for the obvious reason that it is in and also tackles the camo trend, one that is easily loved or hated for clearly unique personal preferences.

The last military style piece I owned was a pair of straight cut pants in khaki green which I used to wear around the house back when I was the clueless teen. Muddy green did not seem grand enough to sport for outings. Come to really think about it, military green just did not stick with me naturally.

I am just inclined to wear non-dusty green I suppose.

But that’s about to change. Of late, I’ve realized that it’s all about interpretation.

Slouchy camo jacket thrown over a ladylike lace top and mint shorts translate into military chic. A dirty green blouse worn with a twirly skirt with floral patterns spell military girly.

As for a military sleek interpretation; please do kindly dive into the roundup of looks down below and you’ll see!

men’s military coat – Arvust

military jacket – Mr Price

camo outerwear

military green jacket – Zara

military shirt jacket – MissPouty

khaki two-tone blouse – SheInside

studded military jacket – The Ragged Priest

Any of these military-inspired looks make you want to raid some poor random army guy’s closet?

Please don’t – just head over the trend-up-to-date boutiques instead. Or even better: take Macklemore’s advice and go thrift-shopping. If your friend’s granddad used to be a soldier, be shameless and go scavenge his closet, after permission is given of course!

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