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Fashionista NOW: Ammo For The Camo Fashion Trend

Rihanna’s camouflage pants have been causing a buzz among the fashion sensitive.

Some love the look, others cringe and eye-roll as they try to grasp the appeal of camouflaging in those pants.

One obvious point is that some camo prints can be too bold and a bit of a challenge to carry. Although good-looking people can ultimately make the oddest of outfits look amazing on them, the camo trend can easily cross into the tacky realm which we must try our best to avoid unless we’re cool with tacky.

A few camo fashion tips will help set the trend back in a better light.

How to look good in camo prints?

Know who you are. If you’re the type who doesn’t care what other human beings say about your appearance and have immense passion for the camo printed clothing long before they’re considered fashionable, just go ahead, rock your camo loud and proud.

If you’re just trying out trends for the sake of giving life to your wardrobe, subtlety is the best thing to have especially when you’re just attempting to wear camouflage pieces. These prints aren’t that easy to adore.

Start with something small like carrying a camo purse with your solid colored ensemble. A pencil skirt with subtle camo prints will complement a black or brown top that’s tucked in for a chic army look.

Skinny pants that carry camo prints (dark and subtle in color and design) are an awesome camo fashion statement which you can team with a shirt of your favorite color, preferably something that’s also dark like dirty green, gray, black, or brown.

If you’d like to bring a little bit of light to your get-up, choose off-white or cream-colored shirt to go and layer it up with a jacket/cardigan of your liking.

Remember that the color combo should best be within the range of muted neutrals in order to look as though you’re on stylish invisible mode.

And camo jackets are one of the pieces that you ought to invest if you want to be rocking this trend on the go. Their masculine vibe can be what you need to edge up feminine silhouettes like leg-hugging jeans, jewelry and strappy heels.

For a visual look-and-learn from the fashion forward, scroll down and you can thank these lookbookers by hyping their looks up!

What do you think of the military’s camouflage trend? Love it or hate it? What’s your favorite look from all of the above and which one do you see yourself wearing?

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