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The Solution to the Mysterious Doctrine of the Trinity

The following is a common belief in regards to the trinity of which is presented as such

I quote the website Gotquestions :

The most difficult thing about the Christian concept of the Trinity is that there is no way to perfectly and completely understand

The Firewall Of Logic & Reason ( aka The Rational Lifeboat )

This shield of logic & reason will help you evade common pitfalls in life so you can be sheltered from bad mistakes, hence being able to focus on building the future

The Firewall of Logic & Reason


The Firewall of Logic & Reason does its job by helping you be on

The Problem Of Health & The Key To Living

As i have gone through a journey of healing from sickness to health


& have also done case study and research in these illness of chronic origins


I embarked on my search for an answer for health since a year ago, I came

The Problem of Money & How To Become Rich

The problem of money is that people have forgotten what money really is


Trade began with the barter system where people exchange goods or services with each other, people helping each other out

Money was designed to make this process easier due to the limitations of the

The Problem of Sex & How To Get Married

When I was growing up, I suffered a lot due to the grown ups around me

How dysfunctional my family was and how dysfunctional my parent’s family on both sides was, didn’t help either

There were times that I wished I was not even born


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