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The Problem of Money & How To Become Rich

The problem of money is that people have forgotten what money really is


Trade began with the barter system where people exchange goods or services with each other, people helping each other out

Money was designed to make this process easier due to the limitations of the barter system

where there can be different needs that cannot be met through a direct exchange or difficulty in dividing the goods or transportation of the goods for exchange etc



Imagine Exchanging 5 Cows for a piece of land 100 km from you and you have to bring the cows there

Money was invented to solve the problems of the barter system


The problem with money in this age however, is that there is a common misconception about how important money is

The Common Circulating Belief About Money Money can’t do everything but without money you can do nothing


Money now comes with a capital “M” as its being glorified beyond its original design, giving birth to the mysticism of Money



When this happened, people begin to treat each other with more and more indifference

or worse still,

Some people even think that with money they can somehow compel others to serve them against their will


That belief is of course, false belief


Imagine One day

absolutely everyone works in all non-food producing sectors such as banking and mining

With no one left to farm or fish There will be a famine in the land right ?

We can’t eat the money in our hands can we ?



The root of the monetary system is the barter system

But if we examine the root of the barter system, its basically just an exchange of favours

You cut my hair, I give you 10 eggs

I grow the chickens and you plant the vegetables then later we exchange


Why didn’t we keep on just exchanging favours with one another ?

I want a pumpkin today but I don’t want your chicken yet, I can still claim my chicken next week right ?



The problem is with the human heart

How often when we did a favour for someone and they don’t appreciate it ?

Even if they did appreciate it, for how long did they remember what good you have done for them in the past ?

How long do you remember the good that others have done for you in the past ?

Anyone you know that borrowed your things and didn’t return them ?


With these points I wish to highlight

Money is actually in essence the physical reminder of the favours we done for one another !

Hence to “earn money”, all we need to do is actively be aware of society’s needs and actively live to serve society

To contribute our resources & capabilities to help the less fortunate and improve their lives

The money we earn is only the reflection of our contribution to the community !

The more we contribute for the betterment of society, in reflection of our contribution is the money

Its just that simple !



In other words also

The more we make ourselves useful for others around us, the more money we get because we are so useful to others

This changes everything right ?


Money is only a tool

Its not that money is evil but it is the reliance on money that is evil


The word “faith” means trust or confidence

Having faith in money, trusting it to provide our needs is evil because it metaphysically separates us from the emotional and conscious appreciation for each other

The worship of Money is the source of a lot of issues in society today



Money is only a physical reminder of the favours you done for society

Does it make sense that the favours you done for others is worth less and less because the prices for goods seem to increase every year ?


People invest in property because they hope to somehow profit from it but think about it

When people invest in houses even though they don’t need it, it pushes the price higher right ?

Who thinks about the poor ?

Already the favours they done for society dwindles by the day through the increase of prices

Now homes become an impossibility to the poor even more so

Isn’t that similar to riding on a donkey and dangling a carrot in front of it ?

The donkey will go forward yet never reach the carrot

The price that people hope their property will increase to, rides on the backs of those who cannot afford it

This is similar to slavery isn’t it ?

The solution to this is two sided of course, One is to tell the person who is riding other people, what he is doing borders on cruelty and hope that he will stop

Another is to tell the person who is chasing the carrot on a string that its a carrot on a string, stop chasing it

Then teach him how to get carrots by growing carrots himself ( for example )

Instead of devoting time to think about how to serve one another better, people keep on needing to design systems and mechanisms which allow them to be “safely selfish”

This is same as needing to design a special shoe so that people can walk on nails

But why not just avoid walking on nails in the first place ?



Selfishness is the root cause of Money worship

Money worship is only the symptom of the real disease – Selfishness / Self Entitlement Mentality

In the human body, only one type of cell exists in which its sole purpose is for itself – Cancer Cells

Self Entitlement Mentality is social cancer, it destroys relationships on every level

It destroys even nations


There is only one cure

To live for Love and to die for Love

Having faith in True Love Everlasting


The idea is that,

Since the money we earn is only the reflection of our contribution to the community

When we contribute ourselves heroically thru Love, we cant help but become rich !

Not only growing rich just in resources and currency, we also grow meaningful and solid bonds around us !

Can you imagine the potential of just 500 people who Love one another with a heroic selfless Love ?


But then of course, what is Love ?

What is the definition of Love which enables us to pursue the above ?

There are many ideas out there about what love is, but there is only one definition of Love which is True

The evidence of this Truth is, by giving your life to die for this Love and through this, you find life

Not only life, but life in ever greater abundance, riches in glory beyond measure


This is my journey which led me to finally understand what Love is




This line of logic is one part of a multi potent approach to all social problems we see in this age

For the big picture of this solution please read

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