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The Problem Of Health & The Key To Living

As i have gone through a journey of healing from sickness to health

& have also done case study and research in these illness of chronic origins

I embarked on my search for an answer for health since a year ago, I came across more and more cases of our youth of 20 -30 year old getting cancer and other chronic illnesses

Death at 60 is now regarded as the norm but I think we can expect that this age standard shift for the worse in coming years if society does not wake up still



This is the conclusion that after more than 2 years of observation and data analysis have brought me

Every time we eat, we move ourselves closer to death


Because eating brings wear and tear (Aging) to our body which brings about a premature death at an age less than 120 years old ( Genesis 6:3 )

The excellent news is that we can regulate what we eat and how often we eat so that we can achieve an optimal amount of nutrition, in order to sustain our lives forward, towards our God given mission here in reality

Fasting and the understanding of nutrition act as regulators and crucial components in regards to the outcome of our longevity

Hence, fasting, nutrition knowledge and mission, to our body within this context, functions similarly to how lead walls and boron rods function towards the containment and power regulation for a nuclear reactor whose mission is to provide electricity for the benefit of mankind


Here I wish to share you some resources which outline how the body repairs itself and how nutrition interacts with our body systems

Its recommended that you read them and form your own food regulatory process which fits your life


Fasting – The Regulation of How Often We Eat

The regulation of what we eat, is called fasting which promotes regeneration in our bodies

And here are videos about fasting which I found to be particularly useful


Nutrition – The Understanding of How Food Interacts with Our Body System

The key to nutrition is the understanding of Insulin


Insulin is what brings in nutrition into our cells

Yet the more insulin is activated the more inefficient our body system becomes which cause problems to our body and degrades it over time, this is called Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance contributes towards aging which is the actual disease. Diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer and more, these are just symptoms of this real disease of aging

Insulin resistance can pass down from generation to generation hence its antagonistic to the gene theory in terms of noninfectious chronic disease


Meaning that rather than just accepting that all the chronic illness is due to genes, there is now a contending idea that we can influence the outcome of our health through the manipulation of our food intake and our lifestyle

Synergistically, is also a new idea called epigenetics which is an idea that we can turn on or turn off our gene expressions through influencing our environment ( example food intake / lifestyle )


If we just unquestioningly submit ourselves to the gene theory, this predeterminate idea is very counter-productive to the health of patients because if there is no hope of doing anything to improve our well being, whats the point of anything ?

And indeed many patients do nothing to change their lifestyle in order to improve and they lose their lives.

But now there is hope ! We can now take back our health !


The possibilities of this journey of self conquest is limitless !

The solution is easy, have an understanding of how much each food type triggers insulin will help us make better decisions on what we choose to eat

Here are some links to insulin indexes which I hope can help you


Dont let the numbers startle you though as they measured the insulin indexes based on 1000 kJ portions of foods

So for many of the foods, fruits for example you get to eat a lot a lot of it before it actually reaches 1000 kJ worth

For example Potatoes which has 121 insulin index value is so much worse than brown pasta which has 40 insulin index value

However when we do compare the actual caloric value per 100g for potatoes and brown pasta , we get 77 calories for potato and 242 calories for brown pasta

Hence if we calculate to estimate the amount we need to eat in order to achieve 100 insulin index, potatoes and brown pasta is actually about the same with Potatoes being slightly ahead of brown pasta

256.52 g of Potatoes needed to activate 100 insulin while
246.90 g of Brown pasta is needed to activate 100 insulin

so technically that means we can eat more potatoes before we reach the same level of insulin as brown pasta ( But for an even more accurate comparison which is better, we need to know the levels of minerals and vitamins in both of them after they are cooked because vitamins and minerals do the heavy lifting when we talking about immune defence and healing )


Using this food weight per 100 insulin interpretation is the more practical way of comparing food quality types for different foods

Based on Google nutrition data, I have taken the liberty to extrapolate a table of the foods for the purpose of comparison here



When choosing which foods to eat, we should consider its insulin index along with its nutrition value in terms of vitamins and minerals together hand in hand

I will go more in depth to nutrition in future writings



But as you can see, both meat and carbohydrates triggers insulin, thats why ultimately the solution to longevity must be a combination of both fasting and food knowledge

They work hand in hand together


You can think of this as a cost based system so

For the amount of time that you hope to have here in reality, you must choose how much insulin credits you want to spend at what rate by choosing the types of food you consume every time you eat


Its boils down to choice to see what each food is “worth dying for” or not


A lot of people, eyeing me with suspicion, ask me

Why do you keep on sharing about this ?

Is it so that I can live my life constantly being afraid to die ?


My answer is

Because I Love God and because God wants me to Love you

So I want to Love you

Everyone dies someday, though you cant choose when you die, what you can choose is the state of your personal relationships when you die

Because relationships are everyday investments


For people who are looking for food solutions just to lose weight, I would like to encourage you that losing weight are just positive side effects of you being a better and even perfect steward of your own body, which includes your mind, body and spirit

Why fight and win the battle only to lose the war ?

Why not fight to win the war ? That way that means a string of victorious battles under your belt


How else to win a war except that you comprehend the big picture fully ?


With all the knowledge about longevity, in theory when fully developed can allow us :

To be 40 years old and have the youth and vigour of a 20 year old( Genesis 12 : 10 – 20 , Genesis 20 : 1 – 18 )
Be 80 years old and have the strength and stamina of a 40 year old, conquering mountains and giants ( Joshua 14 : 6-15 , Exodus 7 : 7 )
To die gloriously at 120 years of age, thoroughly giving all of our entire being for the service of humanity towards God’s purpose



But having said all this, a life of 120 years would be unbearable if the relationships around us are not in order

Can you imagine 120 years of strife, suffering and broken relationships ?

I am skeptical that anyone who does not understand True Love are able to live victoriously till 120 years of age


Thats why I wrote this book of which I hope can help people find True Love as how I found True Love Everlasting –


True Love Everlasting is the core of everything and brings everything together towards perfection

Although death is part of life in this point of time, thru Love it is but the beginning of the resurrection to come

Through resurrection, the endless warmth of eternity’s horizon awaits


Alleluia !




25.9.2018 Update

Despite fasting and eating relatively nutritiously ( though sometimes I tend to overeat ) , recently I have been having some breathing difficulties

I am not sure if its because its due to a build up in visceral fat cause by my recent experiment on eating possibly processed sugar laden dried foods long term

Or due to an allergy to food / supplements

Or perhaps its a combination where high sugar intake triggered the hypersensitivity


Nevertheless I started fasting more from processed sugar without cheating, stopped consuming supplements and foods I am allergic to

& I also started doing more exercise ( callisthenics )


My shortness of breath left me since and I feel stronger after doing callisthenics


Hence I think now, for optimal health and survivability we need all three components fully

1 ) Fastingwith the full knowledge on how the body heals & optimise itself

2 ) Good food habitswith full knowledge of nutrition & understanding of how your body react uniquely to each food

3 ) Purposed exercisedesigned around your daily schedule and life goal


Example : For my exercise I choose callisthenics because I prefer to be able to work out without needing equipment and also its something I can do for short periods of time but consistently in the long term

I am now aiming to have such a strong body so that I can thrive in the wilderness yet choosing to serve the community instead

& to have the vigorous capability to protect all my loved ones

That includes you




All the above line of logic is one part of a multi potent approach to all social problems we see in this age

For the big picture of this solution please read

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